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DSC_1877Last August, I made the wonderful purchase of a Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel from Far North Fibers in Anchorage.  I had been using a friends Louet s10 for a few months before that and had desperately failed at using a drop spindle months before that.  I wanted to use a spindle, really I did but I wasnt spinning the yarn that I wanted so I stopped.  Yes, I know thats not how you learn how to do anything but since the spinning was a mere whim at the time, I was OK with putting the spindle away.  When my friend told me that she had a wheel, I wanted nothing else but to jump on and give it a spin 🙂  And right off the bat I was creating yarn that I was almost happy with.  Yes it was thick and thin in places, over-spun and under spun in places right next to each other, but it was more about what I liked…the rhythm of the wheel, my feet on the treadle and the quick feeling of creation in my hands.

Every year since 2007 (I believe), spinners have been participating in the Tour de Fleece, a spinning challenge set to run right along side the Tour de France beginning July 4th-26th.  The point is to challenge yourself to spin…something that is challenging for you to spin.  Art yarns, a new technique, new fibers, your own handdyed, half your stash, all your stash, a mile…its up to you!  Ravelry has made creating and being a part of a group even easier and there is a HUGE TdF group over there!  I am a Rookie (because this is my first TdF) and part of the Team Suck Less group because my goal is not only to spin daily and a mile of singles but also to suck less once I get thru this month 🙂  My other  is to spin through my Spunky Eclectic club stash of 6 months of 8oz of fiber which I have admired and fondled but havent put a twist into.DSC_2733 It has just sat there looking beautiful at me and daring me to make something of it.  The fun part of this challenge is that not only am I going to spin her dyed fiber, I also ordered Amys book, Spin Control from so that while I am spinning, I can be making the yarn that I want!

Here is my fiber stash in full force:DSC_2731

My progress thus far:DSC_2737DSC_2734DSC_2735DSC_2742DSC_2743DSC_2744DSC_2745DSC_2741

Those lovely singles from the first 3 days became this amazing 4 ply (my first ever):

DSC_2746DSC_2747 The Original roving is The Felted Sheep (now Northern Lights Fiber Co) – Imagination colourway in her Merino/Tussah silk blend 80/20.  I cant rave enough about this roving or K’s dye job…its is just beautiful and so…so…just wow.  I really do like it that much.  I have now spun my way through all of the fibers that I have bought from K, both in person and via her Etsy site, and as soon as I finish this challenge, I know that I will be buying more.  I have used a 100% silk Hankie, a Merino/Tencel 50/50 blend and now this one and I couldn’t have been happier with any of it.  I’ll post a “Raving about Northern Lights Fiber Co” post soon with all the pictures of my finished yarns but if you get the chance, go visit her Etsy store…and tell her I sent you!

And I finally got to dive into my SEFC rovings, beginning in January!DSC_2748 It is spinning like a dream and I dont think that I would be happier spinning anything else.  Just this morning I finished 2oz and will start the second half at lunch time.  Who wants lunch when there is yummy roving to spin?