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I am getting back on “a schedule” and am LOVING IT!  Not only does my day have a rhythm again focused by work but that means that my crafting life can merge too.  While I am still in the early stages of scheduling, there is a smoothness that I really, really enjoy.  Let me catch you up on what I’ve been doing:


There is a “guest room” that is in shambles

and will be tidied tomorrow on my day off 🙂  I had a hard time at Jo-Annes on Saturday…learning what size of fabric could work and what couldn’t but I finally came away with



and fabric for PJ trousers for Mike  and I 

and fabric for skirts… 

and for a jumper

Just let me tell you how excited I am about getting into these….VERY.  I finally live in a place where I can wear skirts and my oh so comfortable heels on a regular basis and not worry about sand and wind and now, all I have to wait for is an iron and then I can get started in making some very nice new skirts to wear!

The sewing machine hasn’t been idle though…First up was a duvet cover that I did when making sure that the machine worked.  It would be folded but needs to be washed because I am pretty sure that the sheets were last washed in Tide and I do NOT want a full body allergic reaction…my hands were itchy enough.

I had planned to hand stitch a small market bag from leftover tulle and old ribbon at the end of June but, after a few failed attempts due to darn slippery tulle, put it aside until last Saturday when it finally became this:

Sorry for the overexposure but you can see the flower edging there around the bag and the handle too.  I also, while sorting thru the odds and ends I rescued from dry-rotting away, I found a cut out (what I though) leg to cotton trousers.  Since I can’t wear just one leg of trousers with the blinds up, I thought that I would just lay the fabric on the remains to use as a pattern and just make another and then sew them up…and I did :

and then I talked to my mum and found out that PJ patterns are Fronts and Backs, not just legs…so the excess fabric in the front of my new trousers isn’t because I mis-sewed, it’s because I don’t have a rear on my front.  Go figure.  I’ll wear them regardless because a) they are my first adult garment and b) I like the stamp fabric. 


On the spinning front, I have been happily plying Intentions and I’ll have a few of those in specific posts.  I am still working on them and still loving them and I’ll update you all ASAP.


On the knitting front, I finished the top for E

and, despite thinking that it would be ribbing hell, it wasn’t that bad.  I knit mindlessly while watching Season 7 of Greys Anatomy, which is my form of TV crack, and finished it yesterday.  I’m going to see E on Friday and we’ll see if it fits.  If so, YAY!  If not, well, its a good thing that she has a little brother, C! 🙂  Yes, it does look small and skinny but remember, ribbing stretches and what gets wider also gets shorter so it needs to be oddly long so it fits.


Since finishing, I began a Karin Kurbits hat (that is Johanne, the designers, blog and photos) (Rav link) (Loopy Ewe Link) in Spud and Chloe in “Popcorn” which is nearly white but just this side of cream and Noro Kureyon Sock in 188 which is gorgeous purple and green, both of which I bought at The Loopy Ewe from the fabulous Sheri.  I love colourwork and can’t wait to get thru this ribbing and onto the stranding.  I’m using my Kollage square 2.25mms to rib and think that I’ll switch to my KP’s 1.5’s (2.5mm) to do the colourwork but as the hat is ‘slouchy’, I may stay with the smaller needles to make it less slouchy and more of a fitted hat but we’ll see!


Thats all for now as I’m off to make lunch.  One of the biggest changes in my life is that lunch has become the biggest meal of the day since I am working from 2pm-10pm but I’m enjoying that change.



As I begin my dive into a new craft, I have to wonder why I pick such   -ing expensive hobbies.

My shopping basket at Spoonflower holds $150 of merchandise.  Better than the $350 that it did before the paring, but still.  My KnitPicks cart has $597 and my cart at The Loopy Ewe has $130.  None of this $877 will be spent on a SINGLE constructed object however so that price in no way includes my time.  Granted, not all of the supplies will make something for me…in fact in the KnitPicks cart only $150 is for making me anything!

And then I remember…

It may cost $36 for the fabric for a skirt but it costs $38 for a basic, bottom-of-the-bin rock tumbler.

It costs at least $99 for scuba diving lessons.

A set of womens golf clubs are $600.

And I couldn’t even find a price for underwater basketweaving lessons but I bet its a combo of basket weaving class ($40) and scuba diving lessons ($99)…oh wait…I guess I can take that Underwater Basket Weaving course as close as Portland, OR.


I spend the money on my crafting supplies because they are a hobby but one that I take great pride in remembering that after enjoying playing around with said supplies, I MAKE something with those supplies.  Yes, those $600 golf clubs are only bought once but after you play a round, what do you have to take home with you?  If I buy $600 worth of fabric, I have a few outfits in the end.  If I buy $600 of wool to spin firstly I get to spin it and then I get to knit it and wear the outcome.  I get to see photos of cute kids in my knitwear.  I get to wear warm socks and sweaters and show off my creativity to just about everyone because, no matter who you are, knitter or non, if I tell you that I am wearing a sweater that I knit myself, you will take a moment to admire it and praise me for my industrious behaviour.  I don’t think that many Sunday golfers get that satisfaction when announcing their scores to non-golfers.

Will I buy those carts today?  Well, my Loopy Ewe cart has been there for over 6 months and considering the size of my sock yarn stash, I’m pretty sure that one is safe for a while.

The KnitPicks cart may get moved about a bit with more going to the “Wish List” to be bought at a future date when other projects get finished.

The Spoonflower cart?

Mine, all Mine.  And a great start to my new craft.