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Good Things are happening around Chez Sisu just lately.

#1:  I am nearly done with school for this term.  Hoo-bloody-ray.  It has been a VERY long 3 months and I’ll be so glad when this Saturday, finals day, is over.

#2: We had a lovely visit from M’s dad, M senior, and step-mother L.  Joining them were M’s sister B and her kids E and S and it was a nice visit with them all for 2 days.  Luck for us we had good weather so we were out and about in downtown PT for a while with them.

#3: The fur-babies are getting along famously.  While we have yet to see them cuddled together on purpose, we do see this scene quite often.

Sisu is still wondering how to get Pepper out of her favourite chair however and that is a source of…confusion…for Sisu.  She looks at the cat, looks at M on the couch and whines, looks back at the cat…eventually she gives up trying to stare kitty into moving and just moves to her spot on the couch with a huge sigh of resignation.  Poor baby.

#4: Mum gave me an early birthday gift that arrived on Friday.

It was well packed, and I mean VERY well packed.

I got new dishes!  For the first time in my adult life, I have a real set of dishes that match each other and I LOVE them so very much!

M and I put them to good use right away and we are loving using them greatly.  They are heavy and square and white and fit just perfectly into our lives. 

We even used the party platter yesterday for snacks (Perfect!) and the canape plates for chicken (just right for snacks!)  We love the dishes Mums, THANK YOU!!  We can’t wait for you to come and visit and try them for yourself 🙂

#5: I took Saturday evening “off” and was lazy after my Microbiology final and then Sunday I spent 4 hours weeding the property before taking a well-deserved break and setting things going for M’s Fathers Day dinner (Venison Stroganoff for dinner, strawberry shortcake with real, fresh whipped cream for dessert) and watching movies on TV (end of Cars, The Blind-Side, Prince of Persia, part of Beetlejuice (I can see why mum wouldn’t let me see it as a kid…ick!) and then switched to The Day after Tomorrow) while knitting on blanket squares.  You can see the knitting in the above photo if you’re interested.

What with work and school, there really hasn’t been time for anything else and knitting and spinning have gone by the wayside for a while now.  With the last month I have been tired and stressed and just plain worn-out all the time and I am so grateful that there is a light at the end of…well, this week.  I’m looking forward to being able to re-center myself with fiber and finally finish my Intentions project, getting back out on the road for running and just being able to take some time for myself to breath and not feel pressure.  I think that July will be about reclaimation:  Reclaiming the property from weeds regularly, Reclaiming our Saturday ritual of Farmers Marketing, Reclaim my knitting and spinning and running time and friend time from class work…just reclaiming myself from other things.

You know…there was something else I was going to tell you about…Now what was it…

Oh yeah…

#6:  In the morning of a random Tuesday, in the quietness that we both cherish, M asked me to wear something for him and I agreed, knowing full well that it would change our life forever.

A Good Thing indeed.


But its ok because I put him there.  This lovely rubber duckie is actually a tea duck, no, not a special breed but a tea ball…See:

He was part of my Easter box that my mum and sister sent to me and I just love him.  Very cute and makes me smile every time I use him.

In other news, that tea duckie is in a travel mug because I have to go to a A&P2 lab in a few minutes but I thought I’d leave you with a few photos of what we’ve been up to:

Skimming stone and thinking better of fetching them…

Finding inspiration everywhere, including bathroom stalls…

Posing for family pictures…

Trying not to get pounced on but loving to play together…

Working on knitting super secret projects being held for ransom…

And enjoying life in general, especially these past few beautiful days!  Running in the sun is fun and I’ve got 8 days until my first race of the season.  I’ve got quite the container garden going now, complete with tomatoes and basil.  If only mozzarella grew in pots we’d be totally set!  School is going great and we’re over half done, 2/3rds actually!

Lots going on and lots more to do today.  Enjoy it!

*deep breath*
It is amazing to me how slowly time can go in the morning.

Today, I was rudely awoken at 630 and while it wasn’t dark (far from it, there were sunbeams!), it was still only 6 and a half hours from when I put my book down and I closed my eyes. As the cat clawed at my arms, I pushed her off, saw the clock and thought, ‘just half hour more’…and then the attacked my toes and all thoughts of sleeping went right out the window. I got up, showered, dressed, pin curled my hair and took a seat to review my plan of action for the day. Had some coffee and just as my coffee is getting cold, I looked at the clock. 8am. Really? When I have to get ready for work the times flies by! When I’m at work the evening races and when I get home it seems like its only a few minutes before its 1am and I finally feel like I could sleep. But mornings…they are special to me. I hear the birds singing, I feel the earth warming up, I can see the sun filtering through the trees…it is just this special time for me and I really love mornings in general. Granted, in the recent past I was sleeping until 9 or 10 so it wasnt so much “morning” anymore but just in this past week or so I have been making more of an effort to get up and get going by 8 and in the last few days I’ve been up closer to 7.


Because the insane part of me forgot how classes can add up on you if you aren’t paying attention and decided to take not 1, not 2 but 3 classes this 11 week term in addition to working full time. That is 14 credits; a full-time student.  Not only do those classes meet online and have extensive “discussions” but two of them (Anatomy and Physiology 2 and Microbiology) have in-person labs which mean 6 Saturdays, 1 per month per class, I get to spend in Renton, a 2+ hour drive for a 4 hour lab.  Did I mention that one of those begins at 8am?  Not looking forward to that one so much because of the freakishly early start time for my driving, especially since I highly doubt that M will want to go to that one with me.  He is coming with me today though for my first day of lab and for that I am very grateful.

So here I am.  Trying to manage my time well to get in classes and work and Oh, did I mention that I’m supposed to be training for three races?  Yeah, the first one is on May 20th and I am far from ready.  My schedule for this upcoming month is going to be packed with the addition of focused running so I don’t A) Hurt myself and/or B) make a fool of myself come the 20th.

Oh wait…did I mention that I am still trying to knit and spin to save my sanity?  Yup, there is still a lot of both going on in Chez Sisu, especially now since I bought the wheel of my dreams.  She is a Schacht Matchless and is everything that I could have ever wanted.  There will be photos of her to come, along with a review.

All in all, I am so very happy with my busy-ness and actually am getting more done.  I focus my time and effort on one thing at a time and it all gets done and I’m happy with the results.  I still do some things via multi-tasking.  I listen and watch A&P lectures while I spin, pausing to take notes every once in a while.  I knit mindlessly while reading texts.  I take my texts to work with me and read during my dinner break (not while knitting too, just reading).  I set dinner to cook while participating in online discussions.  The one thing that I can’t multi-task is the running…which is a good thing.  With so much else going on, I think that I need that one task that takes me away from it all.  But I’ll have to get back to you on that…I haven’t run in over a week now simply because it was not something I could multi-task!