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I cooked for myself last night. This is pretty good news, considering how blue I have been the last few days… Black dog came home, and cooking is the self-love I need but often t…

Source: Self-Love Stew (VEGAN)


I needed to see this.

A reminder for Self-Love.



This week.

This last week.

I know that Jack posted it back at the beginning of August but for me, right here and now, it is what I needed.

Body and Soul and Soup.

Depression is a black hole that eats away at me and sometimes I can resist the pull, I find the light and other times…

Other times I fail.

I fail.

Its taken me years to be able to say that.

I, who feel deeply that I have NEVER “failed” at anything in life, feel like I have failed myself.  And it brings me to tears as I type.

I want so much for myself; know that I am so capable of making the best of myself and that my best isn’t this lump of a person sitting here with welling eyes.

Today is especially painful because it symbolizes a waste.  A waste of my time, of my energy and least important of all, of money.

Over the last year I have done very little physical and both physically and mentally I have suffered for it.  Yes, I begun playing hockey and I love it but I could be so much better with a little more effort.  My trousers no longer fit the way they should and I honestly have a box of clothing that live in the spare room; banished for my own folly.  I have running clothes I feel horrible about wearing because they don’t fit but they don’t fit because I won’t put them on…a vicious cycle if ever there was.  I made plans, public statements that I intended to “streak” this holiday season; a 1 mile run every day from Thanksgiving to New Years; and I failed right out of the gate because I failed to do anything. I just…couldn’t.  Early this morning there were two people standing in the Seattle Half Marathon starting line because I encouraged them to join me there and I couldn’t show.  The part of me that wanted someones else to join me in the training journey, to go thru the ups and downs of milage building and physical challenge was just not enough to actually get myself moving.  I have plans, small, manageable plans, to have helped me reach that goal but I just… couldn’t.

And thats the worst part of depression.  The feeling that I just…can’t and not having the words to explain it.  So I put on the happy face and do my best to function without outwardly failing.  I bury myself in trying to be busy around people so I don’t have to rest and be still and just ‘be’ in my own skin.  I need to leave family gatherings early because I cannot deal with the stress, my internal stress, of being around people being happy when I feel so very lost.  I try not to let my friends down and deal with the fallout when they think that somehow my actions are a reflection of their shortcomings instead of a true reflection of my own.  I cry in the shower, both for the fatigue I feel of carrying my mask and for the love I have when my partner sees that I am bearing too much inside and makes my excuses or makes one of himself.

Oddly appropriately to the season that my inspiration today will come from a holiday movie.  “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” was not part of my childhood movie rotation but it was for M and when it was on TV the other evening, he hinted that he would rather watch that over the Grinch.  As we own both movies and I know it irks him when I recite, I obliged and Mickey Rooney’s voice filled our home. M said that he really remembered a specific song, One Foot In Front Of The Other and as I think I’ve only seen the movie once, I had to wait to see and hear what he meant.  It too was something I needed to hear.

I made soup already this morning, one close to Jacks recipe without even seeing her post, so out the door I go.

One foot in front of the other,

my vote for a chance to be reborn.


I’m at a loss this morning.  Over the last 23 days I have established a new routine that has been ceremoniously ended.  Considering there was a huge ceremony at the start and and the end, there was nothing UN-ceremonious about this process however there is now a gap in my day that needs to be filled else-ways.  I am, of course, speaking of the recently ended Winter Olympics 2014.

I have tried “Olympic” knitting in the past but generally set myself either goals that were too lofty or was not living anywhere where I could even watch the Olympics so it was difficult to get into the spirit of the process.  In 2012 there was a rather large kerfuffle with the USOC and the use of the term “Ravelympics”, namely they were put out that a legion of knitters would ‘make fun of the effort that olympians put forth’ and would, in general, bring shame to the idea of and word of “Olympics”.  There was a huge change on Ravelry to put the legal overkillers at rest and there was launched the renamed the “Ravelympics” as the “Ravellenic Games” and there are a barrage of teams and prizes and rules and basically a massive headache to those of us who, like me, tend to keep to the Yarn Harlots vision of The Knitting Olympics, since it was her invention.  I “boycotted” those games because I was just too angry at both our litigious society and the monster that had been created in people but this year I reclaimed the Knitting Olympics as my own.

My goal was to turn this beautiful yarn:

Seahawk Yarn

from Fancy Image Yarns in the perfect Seahawks colourway into socks for Mike who had been cheering the ‘Hawks all season and was still charged because of the SuperBowl win.


1.5 skeins to go around his wide feel later and we have a met goal!Seahawk Socks

I cast on during the opening ceremonies and cast off the second sock on the Friday before the Games ended.  These socks feature the “Fish Lips Kiss Heel” which was a first for my sock knitting but certainly won’t be the last, in fact I’ve already cast on another pair to use this heel with.  It fits so very well and looks beautiful on the foot, mine and Mikes!  Here is a cool interview with the Sox Therapist, creator of the FLKH.  If you are on Ravelry and knit socks, I HIGHLY suggest you buy this heel pattern.  Best $1 I’ve EVER spent on my knitting.

Because being a monogamous knitter is so NOT in my genes, I had to get into another project too and while its not strictly “Olympic Knitting” because it was started before, it was my goal to get it done before closing ceremonies.

This was the inspiration:  ITW Oct 2012

This was the roving:  Bodhi-5050-MerinoSilk

This was the pattern: Song of the Sea

This is the unblocked long cowl that I made from my handspun!

Song of the Sea

It is soaking in its bath of Soak right now and will be laid out to dry as soon as I finish this post here.  The true joy of this project is that it was sheep fluff and worm spit when I got my hands on it and now it is a beautiful, wearable and perfectly wearable object in so many ways.  I need to do more with my handspun because I always feel so accomplished when I have a finished project.


Now its over and instead of spending the morning with Mike on the couch watching CBC and the Olympics live, because the US coverage SUCKED, I have had to find some other way to begin my morning.  Good thing I’ve started running again, beginning again today, because that was the perfect way to put forth my own Olympic effort.  Getting up and going running in the rain and cold?  Yes, it was an Olympic effort and while I’ll not be anywhere close to the 26.2mile maintained 6 minute mile that I would need to qualify myself for a Summer Games in this lifetime, I’ll keep running all the same.

Someone recently said to me, “If you think that time flies now, just wait until you have children!”.  Well as there are no children, save for those borrowed from my friends and family in my future plans, I’ll just have to settle for time passing at my own appalling rate.


I have been…busy…since I last blogged in so many, many ways.


My joy of fibre continues. My spinning had been amazing and I’m working on this Into the WhirledDSC_6335, in Mandarin (an old club offering on BFL) and this Enchanted Knoll DSC_6345, in Johnny Jump-Up on Superwash Merino.  More on the spinning soon because , OH BOY, do I have something to show you!!

I have been knitting, but not so much in the last week due to an unfortunate injury:


Pepper was rather put out that we left her at home when we went on our recent camping trip to Salt Creek Recreation Area 20130720_143925 and didn’t let her seen the pod of Orcas 20130720_161505 or chase chipmunks and get tangled up like Sisu did 20130721_142151 so she took out her vengeance on my leg, claws and teeth, after purring and rubbing into me 5 seconds before.  I swatted at her, missed, hit the wall and heating vent and damaged my fingers badly enough for x-rays, good painkillers and at least 2 weeks in splints to protect me.  Yes, they still hurt 1 week in but I finally have some mobility back though I cannot make a fist or touch those fingers to my palm without pain and actually, they won’t bend that far at all, pain or no.  I am not impressed with myself.


Mike and I 20130721_082240 have been exploring our area more than just camping too.  We went up to Hurricane Ridge and admired the view  DSC_6470

and I loved the wildflowers too DSC_6440  Lupines always remind me of my Mum and that view is to be admired! DSC_6406

The biggest part of what I’ve been doing?  Running.20130519_124750_2  Finishing the Rhody Run with my friends was the start of my real training for the Seattle 10k and my mileage has only grown from there.  So much so that I have these to proudly display:  DSC_6473  Bruised toenails #1 and #2.  They are my external display of my long runs and I couldn’t be happier or more proud of myself.  11 weeks ago I was dreading the idea of 8 miles whereas now, my last long run was 13 miles in 2.5hours.


Oh yeah.  And I’ve been cooking and kitchen experimenting daily, bought a sewing machine and have made pj bottoms, skirts and an amazing infinity dress that I LOVE, have a successful herb garden in my strawberry pot, been reading and listening with voracity and spent far less time with my camera than I intend to do in the future.  And intend to keep this blog going as I know I have missed sharing and need to write again.




One of my clearest memories is flipping thru a photo album and seeing photos of my father running.  Not just running but RUNNING.  Short shorts, no shirt or only a vest, sweat beading…Running.  His sport was track and field in high school and then earned a scholarship to college for his excellence.


Third from the right, front row is my father with the rest of the 1969 University of North Texas Team (photo from the digital archives of the Yucca, the UNT yearbook)

I know that his running continued through his time in the US Marine Corps too…though that may be an understatement considering how much running those corpsmen/women do…far too much for the dead!  Anyway, I know that there is at least one photo I remember of him racing in a USMC singlet, most likely a battalion ‘team’.

I also know that there was more than once when I was growing up that I wanted to go run with him and he never let me.  I was always hurt by this leaving of me behind but I justified his doing so because I was a)not long legged like him, b) not in shape to run with him, c)any other reason I could convince myself of.  I don’t know that he ever knew how much I really wanted to run with him.

In 7th grade, I ‘joined’ the middle school track team and signed up for the 3200m (2 miles).  Because, you know, my father ran long distances so I can show him how much I am his daughter and make him proud of me and he can come to my meets and be proud of me…yeah.  After a week or so of ‘practice’, we had our first meet and I ran…for about 200yds with the pack and then had to walk because I gave myself such a horrible side stitch and was THAT ill-prepared for the race.  I also broke one of the rules of running by staying in the inner lane as I was lapped and lapped and lapped again.  I was so embarrassed and only saved by two things #1: My family wasn’t there to see my abject failure.  More specifically, I mean my father; and #2: One of the guys, G, an 8th grader who had already ran the race, who I barely knew from passing in the hall and at the door to band class, re-entered the track with me and encouraged and wheedled me to jog along with him for the last 2 laps.  He stayed with me the entire way and pushed me to keep going.  I don’t think that I ever could have thanked him enough.  I would still send him a card today if I knew where he was.

After that fiasco, my knees were hurting so much for the next week that I didn’t return to practice again and didn’t actually attempt to run until just a few years ago when wholeheartedly embarking on my weight-loss/health building journey.

I found my passion.

After years of saying that I hated to run and that it wasn’t for me, turns out that it was all along.  Which is pretty funny considering my sister has always hated running.  Weird because she LOVED soccer when in High School but she always said that she hated the running part.  She said that about hating that part in Volleyball too, even though it was just the warm-ups.  My brother, K, just professed to me yesterday that HE too dislikes running.  While talking to him the other day he declared ME to be the runner of my fathers children and promised to cheer very loud and be very proud of me.

Why would he cheer and be proud of me?

Because in 204 days and some odd hours from today, I’m going to start running in a big race.

SisuGirl is now Registered
for Honolulu Marathon.

I have a training plan, I have races along the way to keep me going and I have a goal.  That and some good shoes.

Here we go.

PS: To my HS friends: I was serious about sending G a card.  If you know where I can find him, please let me know!

This morning, after talking to my sister and Mum in MI, I got online and started looking for foot races in/around their city.  They had just told me that they were no longer going to move down to Appleton, WI so this means that it was a change in venue for me.

And then I saw it:  The Marquette Marathon and Half on September 1st.

97 days.

15 weeks.

So I phoned J back and asked: “Do you want MORE stress in your life?”

She told me I sounded like a solicitor and started laughing and then said, “Sure, why not?”

And I told her my idea.  We run together in the Marquette Half.

How cool would that be?

M and I fly over there to visit J and J and the boys,

J and I run in the Half on 9/1 (because Mum laughed maniacally when we suggested a family run),

We visit more and then go home.

A perfect plan.

Except J isn’t a runner…at all.  It was the one thing she disliked about soccer and despite being the mom of a nearly 3 year old, she doesn’t run at all now.

But its 97 days…

And I’m not opposed to walking with her, should she need to.

I think it would be an amazing “thing” for us to do together because we are so different now (always were) that having this shared experience would be some really cool icing to our relationship.

I hope she is up for it.

I WANT her to be up for it!

Well, yesterday was an far more of a marathon than a simple 12k for me.  For starters, since we had no idea when to get there and what might be happening, we got there WAY too early.  Mea Culpa.  Unfortunately, this little ‘oops’ had us standing around from 9:15 to nearly 11.  Which wouldn’t have been so bad had it been a nice, warm, sunny day.  What with the wind off the ocean, it would have been lovely.  But it was sprinkling and then raining and it turned that cool ocean breeze into something less than nice and made us all soggy and most people were huddling under trees in the lead-up to the start.

Let me tell you something about the start of a race.  Unless you are in the front line (and deserve to be there), you feel akin to cattle being being herded.  Sadly, there is little you can do to combat this feeling because it seems to be all pervasive.  A man next to me at one point remarked about everyone pushing to get into the chute being silly because the race was chip timed.  This would have been a wise comment if he himself hadn’t been pushing/being pushed. (Chip timed means that you have this little tag that starts “your” time as soon as you cross a special mat and stop it the same way.  You can be the last one to cross (either way) and still be the fastest runner based on time.)  Either way, everyone starts leaning on you right from the word “Go” and thus starts the press of thundering bodies.

So I ran.  And Ran.  For 7.5 miles according to my Garmin.  M and Sisu saw me off at the beginning with Sisu pouting that I wasn’t taking her with me.  And then I started seeing people from work!  C was timing at mile 1 or 2, D was at 6 and (a different) D and M were at 7!  I saw a tenant, B running with one of my work friends, M, saw co-worker S at the end and had seen former co-worker B at the very beginning.  I missed seeing another former co-worker, also an S, there but I hope she was!

Back to the race…Once I started moving faster I started warming up and I was so grateful for that.  After the first mile I wasn’t questioning my wearing a running skirt instead of capri or running pants and I was certainly glad that I didn’t have my wool shirt like I had wanted 10 minutes before.  That first mile was a lovely mess of dodging strollers, walkers and people who obviously weren’t paying attention to where they lined up (according to the mph markers at the beginning) and small children.  It made me smile, laugh and joke with new comrades in racing and forget that, for me, the first mile is always the hellish one.  Once I get through that point of wanting to die and thinking, “Oh dear God, Why did you let me think that I could do this insane thing?”, running, especially race running, is fun for me.  The best part of racing is that the first mile goes faster than I think it does and then I’m into it and there is no turning back.

And then the hill starts.  I say “Hill” and it is one but it is also a mile+ long steady climb that really tests your will to live.  I got lucky on this hill and was positioned near a woman and her friend who was also her running coach.  They ran/walked it and it was there pacing and breaks that got me through it.  We played pushme-pullyou nearly all the way up and then I passed them on a flat and didn’t see them again.

And then there is a downhill that makes you grateful for the uphill until your knees start to ache followed by rolling hills that keep you hoping for the next downhill.  Lucky for me, I found a partner for this time who was wearing a lovely teal blue shirt who kept giving words of encouragement to me as I gave him walk points to shoot for.  We worked as a great team for those hills, him saying he needed a break, me saying, once we hit that second pole, him saying OK and then saying run at the next mailbox…I wish I could remember his bib number so I could see how he did.  Once we hit a flat part his better speed on flats kicked in and he pulled ahead.  However, as he moved off, I got a new partner, a woman in a green jacket (despite the increase in temp, decrease of wind and ceasing of rain) who wanted someone to pace with like I did.  I have no idea who she was but I know that we laughed at the guy who had already finished and was running the other way and said that he must be doing a 24k.  We went nearly the last 2 miles together and then she caught up with a friend and joined them for the last.  And then, in the last half mile, I had M cheering for me right before the final turns and a gentleman in a green t-shirt running next to me telling me that I totally could do this and I remembered that I COULD do it and that, being within sight of the end, I totally HAD done it and so I pushed hard and finished with a smile on my face.

Bib #          age  sex                 overall/2141  – age group  – Gender/1278

284 SisuGirl 30   F F 30-34 Port Townsend WA    956   58/134   436    1:22:11     11:02

I did it.  I was done AND I had done it in less time than I wanted to.  When I first started training I was aiming for 1:15.  Then life got in the way and I downshifted to expecting a 1:30.  Then the race started and hearing my splits made me think that I could be faster because I already was faster than I expected.

I was so glad to be done because it was the furthest that I’ve raced to date and I, forgive me, was so impressed with myself.  It is so awesome to know that I can run like this.

So I moved through the gates, got my awesome t-shirt, some water, a banana and orange slice and walked about to cool off and then M took me home to shower and relax.  By this time, it was 1pm.  I felt so very done with the day and wanted to just relax.

Not possible.

I left for work at 1:45 and worked until 10pm.

Then I came home and slept.

Worn out to the core.

A very good day.

But its ok because I put him there.  This lovely rubber duckie is actually a tea duck, no, not a special breed but a tea ball…See:

He was part of my Easter box that my mum and sister sent to me and I just love him.  Very cute and makes me smile every time I use him.

In other news, that tea duckie is in a travel mug because I have to go to a A&P2 lab in a few minutes but I thought I’d leave you with a few photos of what we’ve been up to:

Skimming stone and thinking better of fetching them…

Finding inspiration everywhere, including bathroom stalls…

Posing for family pictures…

Trying not to get pounced on but loving to play together…

Working on knitting super secret projects being held for ransom…

And enjoying life in general, especially these past few beautiful days!  Running in the sun is fun and I’ve got 8 days until my first race of the season.  I’ve got quite the container garden going now, complete with tomatoes and basil.  If only mozzarella grew in pots we’d be totally set!  School is going great and we’re over half done, 2/3rds actually!

Lots going on and lots more to do today.  Enjoy it!

*deep breath*
It is amazing to me how slowly time can go in the morning.

Today, I was rudely awoken at 630 and while it wasn’t dark (far from it, there were sunbeams!), it was still only 6 and a half hours from when I put my book down and I closed my eyes. As the cat clawed at my arms, I pushed her off, saw the clock and thought, ‘just half hour more’…and then the attacked my toes and all thoughts of sleeping went right out the window. I got up, showered, dressed, pin curled my hair and took a seat to review my plan of action for the day. Had some coffee and just as my coffee is getting cold, I looked at the clock. 8am. Really? When I have to get ready for work the times flies by! When I’m at work the evening races and when I get home it seems like its only a few minutes before its 1am and I finally feel like I could sleep. But mornings…they are special to me. I hear the birds singing, I feel the earth warming up, I can see the sun filtering through the trees…it is just this special time for me and I really love mornings in general. Granted, in the recent past I was sleeping until 9 or 10 so it wasnt so much “morning” anymore but just in this past week or so I have been making more of an effort to get up and get going by 8 and in the last few days I’ve been up closer to 7.


Because the insane part of me forgot how classes can add up on you if you aren’t paying attention and decided to take not 1, not 2 but 3 classes this 11 week term in addition to working full time. That is 14 credits; a full-time student.  Not only do those classes meet online and have extensive “discussions” but two of them (Anatomy and Physiology 2 and Microbiology) have in-person labs which mean 6 Saturdays, 1 per month per class, I get to spend in Renton, a 2+ hour drive for a 4 hour lab.  Did I mention that one of those begins at 8am?  Not looking forward to that one so much because of the freakishly early start time for my driving, especially since I highly doubt that M will want to go to that one with me.  He is coming with me today though for my first day of lab and for that I am very grateful.

So here I am.  Trying to manage my time well to get in classes and work and Oh, did I mention that I’m supposed to be training for three races?  Yeah, the first one is on May 20th and I am far from ready.  My schedule for this upcoming month is going to be packed with the addition of focused running so I don’t A) Hurt myself and/or B) make a fool of myself come the 20th.

Oh wait…did I mention that I am still trying to knit and spin to save my sanity?  Yup, there is still a lot of both going on in Chez Sisu, especially now since I bought the wheel of my dreams.  She is a Schacht Matchless and is everything that I could have ever wanted.  There will be photos of her to come, along with a review.

All in all, I am so very happy with my busy-ness and actually am getting more done.  I focus my time and effort on one thing at a time and it all gets done and I’m happy with the results.  I still do some things via multi-tasking.  I listen and watch A&P lectures while I spin, pausing to take notes every once in a while.  I knit mindlessly while reading texts.  I take my texts to work with me and read during my dinner break (not while knitting too, just reading).  I set dinner to cook while participating in online discussions.  The one thing that I can’t multi-task is the running…which is a good thing.  With so much else going on, I think that I need that one task that takes me away from it all.  But I’ll have to get back to you on that…I haven’t run in over a week now simply because it was not something I could multi-task!

Instead of launching into a mass of reasons why I haven’t posted, what has been going on with me and my general life status; it should suffice to say that I have been floundering in an ocean of depression, have taken many mouthfuls of brackish water, dodged the flotsam and jetsam of plans, saved all the wool, planted a long awaited garden and finally, finally learnt to swim again.

 The Wool:

A trio of socks; blue for me, boy colours for the boy.


A shawl.  More specifically The Jubilee Year Shawl

…which I am calling “Happiness” both because it is making me very happy to use this skein of Noro Kureyon Sock yarn (188) which I have had in my stash since 2008 or so and happy because I finally feel like I have found the true calling for this yarn.  It has tried to be socks and mittens and a hat and none of those things looked…right.  And then I found this pattern purely by chance and it is perfect.

What you aren’t seeing in this wool section is something that is done and gone and I, being the forgetful Auntie that I am, forgot to take photos of said items first.  I made my new nephew (RGB) 12 single socks from KP’s Imagination and then knit him blanket squared with the remaining 22g of the skein.  Actually, what I did was a bit more complicated than that…I wound each 50g skein into a ball, knit a single baby sock using my standard baby sock pattern, weighed the remaining and split it into 2 22g balls.  I then used 22g to knit RGB’s baby blanket.  What you see here is the second 22g knit into mitered squares with a bundle left over on top.  As I finish this project, I’ll give you more details on it but the general plan is that this will be joined by 12 more colours (24 total), yes, I know you only see 7 here but the other yarn isn’t squared yet, and become a blanket and more baby socks.

Also in Wool is the beautiful Intentions yarn that I have been spinning and thinking through.  This project became so much more than I thought it would and while life got in the way and derailed my plans for doing the project in a year, I am so happy to still be working through it.


This is Patience and is perfect for the lesson that I am learning.  Thats part of what makes me love my Intentions project.  Though it is nothing like I planned, it is exactly what I needed and has been fitting into my life exactly as I needed it.

The Garden:

6 years ago, I made a plan.  I wanted a herb garden in a strawberry pot.  I knew I wanted rosemary on top, cilantro (coriander), dill, thyme, marjoram, oregano, chives and sage, all the herbs I love to use, in the pockets.  The only problem was that I was living remotely and the getting of said pot, herbs and soil was an insurmountable challenge due to cost and logistics.  Since then I haven’t lived long enough in a big enough town to have my dreamed of herb garden.

Until now.

I can not tell you how happy it makes me to have this wee garden.  Something that I have wanted for ages is finally mine and just the thought of it makes me smile.  And salivate because I can’t wait to use the herbs along the way.

I also planted Orange mint and Spearmint with a Chamomile between them:And two of a crazy plant that I couldn’t resist because of my love of and for them:



In other parts of life, I have gotten back into running almost by force.  I say “force” but what I really mean is that I registered for the Rhody run (12k) on May 20th, the Seattle 10k at the end of August (again) AND the Seattle Half Marathon the Sunday after Thanksgiving and if I don’t “get back into running” then the registration monies go down the toilet and I embarrass myself when I try to complete any or all of these events.  So running it is and I feel great doing it.  Makes me wonder why I was foolish to ever let myself stop.

In all parts of life…I feel like I am…getting there.

Emotionally.  Physically.  Mentally.

I’m not quite sure where “there” is but, as always,

“It is the Journey, Not the Destination”.




I distinctly remember when my mum would use this tone of voice (in the title) on me.  Part curious, part scared to find out, part expecting greatness, part expecting disaster…its amazing all the ‘parts’ that can make up our tone of voice, isn’t it?  I feel like I need to do, well, more than a bit of catching up with you, my gentle reader, so here it comes!

#1: Training

There have been a few types of training in my life over the last few weeks.

a) Running:  I have been doing a great deal of running, most important for me was the Seattle Marathon 10k that I ran on 8/27, the Saturday before my 30th year ending.  I ran it in 1:02 and for me, that was a HUGE accomplishment.  I have plans to run 15k of the  Point Defiance 50k (1 loop of the trail) in October and the hills around PT will really help me train successfully for that.


b) Certified Nurses Aide:  The second kind of training has been as a CNA.  Sadly none of my Health Aide training means squat here in WA except as experience so, to be seen as a functional member of the health care team, I had some training to do…6 weeks of it 🙂  I worked at a nursing home/rehab center and learned the ins and outs of providing basic care for someone and I have to tell you, it was both challenging and highly rewarding.  It was harder for me to work with the elderly patients with demetia than it has been to work with anyone else and I’ll tell you why:

They have lead full lives and had a myriad of experiences that they can’t easily share with anyone and are slowly becoming prisoners of their own mind.  With children there is the potential for the future but nothing says that they won’t be the next serial killer vs Nobel Prize winner.  With these patients/residents…wow…there is so much there…so much that they want to share but there is this block that is frustrating to them because it spoils EVERYTHING and takes away from who they are and reduces them to someone they don’t really recognise but feel that they should and…

Well, you get the picture…it was hard for me.  Rewarding but hard work.  Not difficult by any means, but hard nonetheless.  Graduation was on Friday and I’m registered to take the state test in November in Port Angeles.

#2: Moving

I swear, I need to buy my Mum a new address book with replaceable tabs because she must be running out of “C” pages because of me.    Maybe this one?

Anyway, after interviewing for a job, Mike and I decided that whether or not we got THAT job, we were moving to Port Townsend.  As we turned onto WA-20 at Discovery Bay we both felt immediately like we had found THE place we wanted to be.  Lucky for us, we got the job and are managing a 24 unit apartment complex on the outskirts of PT.  Lucky for me, the apartments are 2 blocks from the hospital (which is hiring CNA’s) and there are multiple assisted living/retirement/rehab centers within a 6 block radius (also hiring CNA’s).  See the hospital?

This was taken with me standing in the road directly in front of our apartment.  That would be Whitby Island in the background.  We are finally here full time after 2 weeks of backing and forthing of me finishing training and Mike splitting time working up here and being down in Hoquiam to pick me up with a nights sleep between the 3 hour drives, complete with hauling 2 truck loads of our stuff.  Sisu helped with the driving.

We have furnished the house with nearly all secondhand stuffs, the bed being the exception, and I’ve got to say that I love it all.  Some of it, the couch notably, is an interesting blend of old and shocking and awesome craft-womanship.  Mikes Grandma made the cover that you see and the original is a rose pink boucle with silver strands woven in.  I think we’ll stick with this blue flower for now but its possible that the pink will come out!!

#3: Exploring!

I cannot begin to give you an accurate picture of all the goings on around here but I will tell you that we have been to the farmers market twice (Saturdays from 9-2) and this past weekend went to the Wooden Boat Festival. 

We had a blast looking at all the boats and imagining what our life would be like sailing about and how we could make it a future for ourselves.  No definitive plans as yet but I’ll keep you posted 🙂

One of the most random and fun things that I found around here was that people grow an interesting plant for its flower.  Can you ID this plant? 

Hint:  I nearly choked on my gum when I saw it.


#4: Waiting

Today was all about the waiting.  My mum told me that she had send a box to my FedEx and since this is a new place to me and I’m not quite sure when the post or packages come, I wanted to wait and be sure to be here for the delivery and boy, am I glad I was!







Colin helped with the decorating of the box but it was the goodies inside that are really priceless!

A lot of my favourite things (Sour Cherry Blasters, Bovril, candles, books  and cute undies), some photo cards that I had fogotten I bought YEARS ago in Canada, a Tech-Tee from Jinny and (Not pictured because I’m a twit who forgot to get the photo) a HUGE Hedgehog stuffed animal like this one 🙂

Mine is cuter though AND came wrapped in an IKEA hedgehog blanket that I thought that I had lost or given away years ago.  I’m so glad that I was wrong and I couldn’t have been happier with my gifts.  Thanks a million times over to Mum, Jinny, John and Colin for my amazing gift!


#5 Crafting

Well, this is going to have to wait until the next post, mainly because I have yet to take photos of everything I’ve been working (and not working) on lately.