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I have been temped, so very sorely temped, in these past few days to spend money on yarn.  Sheri at The Loopy Ewe just got in some Amazing colours in bases that I really enjoy and crave, especially the new line from Fiesta, Baby Boom Spirit of the Southwest, and wouldn’t a few skeins of that make some lovely socks?  I swear, just about each of those colourways could find a very loving home here with me.

And then I remember:  I have a few skeins of FBB that are waiting to be knit…2 of Surf, 2 of Alaska, 2 of Arctic Ice and 1 of Spring Chill to be exact.  Each was bought at a different time and for a very specific reason.

The Arctic Ice is to become the Rimefrost socks from Knitspot because it seems that I have more than a soft spot for Anne Hanson patterns since I knit Sprossling and have Bel-Air ready to be knit and would love to make a handful of her other patterns besides.  There is something about her patterns that just takes me away and makes me want to knit more of her functional lace…which is what I love about her patterns, the functional, sensible garment that have such beautiful lace in it.  Getting my copy of Rimefrost for my binder was the beginning of the love affair with Knitspot back in September 2009…but sadly, that is where that pattern has been since then.  Often looked at, often moved to the front of the binder but always moved back a bit to make way for something else.  The yarn sits in its icy-blue coldness staring at me from the sock yarn bin.

The Spring Chill came from a blog friend, Muddy Moose who was doing a de-stash back in February.  It was a special colour that was part of The Loopy Ewe club for March 2010 but there was just something that called to me in its blue-green-purple-cream amazingness that I offered to take it off her hands and, once she found it, she sent it on its way.  It was the perfect timing because I got the yarn just as spring began its slow creep into Nelson Lagoon…a process that takes more than a few months and I thought that I would have socks to celebrate the spring when it fully came on.  Other projects have gotten in the way though and the skein sits, completely forgotten, in the sock yarn bin.

Alaska came to me in December of 2008 for obvious reasons of being called “Alaska” and being a lovely blend of purple, blue and teal.  A very cold colourway and certainly says “Alaska” and reminds me of visiting the Mendenhall Glacier, knitting in front of another Southeast glacier in between running gear and wearing all of my cold-weather gear while walking in a blizzard with my best buddy M and still getting frosty eyelashes despite feeling toasty warm.Yet the yarn sits, untouched, in the sock yarn bin.




Surf called to me with memories of the waves lapping against the boat and made me thing of capturing the beautiful surf crashing against the beach in Nelson Lagoon that June of 2009But has yet to become anything other than beautiful string sitting in my sock yarn bin.


Why do I have the craving for more of something when I have never knit a stitch with what I have previously bought?

I don’t feel pressure of a “One Time Only!” or a “Limited Edition” or “Buy More”.

I’m not scared that some fluke of genetic nature will cause all the sheep in the world to lose their fuzz so I need to stockpile for the fleeceless apocolypse.

I’m not worried that the artists over at Fiesta or any other yarn company or indi dyer will go on strike or will encounter a world-wide shortage of dyes.

And I’m not limited to just the FBB.  I have some yarn from my very first Loopy Ewe order back in August of 2006!  To that end, I am SO on a yarn purchasing restriction.  Not a diet because we all know that diets never work, but a “Use It” mantra.  The pope isn’t coming to admire my beautiful collection of string and I’m not even Catholic to care but if I show off knit socks?  Everyone admires.

I bought these beautiful skeins because I wanted to wear them, not stare at them.

If you have the answers, I would love to hear it.  Until then, I’ll be here…

knitting a pair of Rimefrost socks in Fiesta Baby Boom in Arctic Ice and planning my next projects with my other FBB.

Because only then can I buy more.


Early this morning, just outside of Phoenix AZ, two Border Patrol agents were killed when a freight train hit their SUV.  Without warning, the agent driving had turned the vehicle into the path of the Union Pacific train while in pursuit of 8 smugglers.  Both agents leave behind a wife and two children.

NPR Link to story.

6 smugglers were caught with an unstated number of backpacks that held an unnamed volume of  Marijuana.

Also today, Delaware became the 16th state to legalize the use of medical marijuana (the others are Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington)

Was their death worth it?

I think not.  I fully admit to anger and yelling at the radio when I heard the news.  Really?  Marijuana??

Now:  I have never and will never use the stuff.  Its not something that interests me in general but I know plenty of people who say the same thing about yarn and needles 🙂

I have had more than my fair share of dealing with students and adults under the influence of alcohol.  None of them had been pretty.  All of them had been…stupid, irritating, argumentative and, in general, not fun, especially those that got violent.

I have also had more than my fair share of dealing with students and adults under the influence of marijuana.  None have been ugly.  All have been creative, easy-going and yes, irritating because it was a rule infraction but NONE have been violent.  Some have even been amusing…I still laugh at the memory of the 18 year old who told me that he couldn’t look me in the eye because I was being “too Promiscuous” when I talked to him about not smoking in the hall.

I have never used marijuana and never will…but I have to wonder…when we have access to a $36 billion market that we aren’t taking advantage of taxing it…when we have roughly 50,000 people dying every year from alcohol overdose, roughly 400,000 deaths attributed to tobacco smoking and compare those two to something that cannot cause death from overdose and has no deaths attributed to its smoking AND is less addictive than either of those…well…does that make sense to you?

Do I think there needs to be restrictions on marijuana?  Of course.  Just like there are on tobacco and alcohol. I believe that all three should be legal for adults.

What do you think?

Ok, so I am not a professional ballet dancer like Seth is and I am pretty sure that children are not on my personal horizon, but I totally can empathize with his idea of happiness.  I’m boring and I’m happy being so.

My idea of a fantastic Friday night includes going for my evening run, coming home, showering and changing into old running pants, cami and sweatshirt, cooking an indulgent dinner (Friday =FRY-day) and enjoying every bite, sitting down with my knitting and movie and having my Canada Dry while sharing a bowl of popcorn with my M.  If I was “In Town”…well, not much would change.  I’d have dinner out, sushi preferably, and then head to a movie (yes, of course I would have my knitting with me) and then home.

Yes, I know it sounds boring.  However…

It makes me happy so I don’t have to justify further.  Just lately, I’ve been slightly confused at some peoples need for justification.

No, I don’t own my house.  I rent it and if you were me, I am darn sure you would rent too.  Buying a home in the area I live in is so far from an intelligent decision that you even asking means that you didn’t bother to think about where I live before you asked.  You also don’t know me well enough to realise that I am not really the own a house type of person.  Sure, I dream big but I also like moving every few years and unless I get one of these tiny houses, I dont think that its possible.  (But I AM really, really looking at building a tiny house for M and I.  Seriously.)

No, I’m not married and Yes, I do live with my partner.  No, I have no idea how that makes my Mum feel but I am sure she would have told me if A) she really thought it would make a difference in how I acted or B) if she was incredibly disappointed with me.  I do know that she thinks I’m a big girl who can make her own decisions and she has never had issue with telling me what she thinks.   I also know that she has made sure to pack things that M likes into the “hugs” that she sends via USPS Priority Flat-Rate boxes…something she never did for J so she must approve of him and I at least a little.

No, I’m not pregnant and No, I have no plans on being so…in fact, I am researching permanent birth control measures.  If you were looking to invest roughly $70k+ on something, a Masters degree for example, and had very steadfast beliefs that to be the best parent possible that you personally would need to be a SAHM, wouldn’t you want insurance that it would take some major interventions to derail your plans?  I would, so I’m looking.  Yes, M knows and is OK with it.  I know this because we talk about it at length.  I also know that we are both very happy with our furry family member.  No, its not a decision easily made and No, I am not rushing anything.

Yes, I AM very happy with my knitting and spinning and No, I don’t think it makes me “Old”.  In fact, I think it makes me pretty darn cool.  When was the last time you used something that you made from scratch?  I can take sheep fuzz and turn it into a garment that someone else can and DOES wear and that fact alone makes to tres cool.  And M thinks so too.  At least he will continue to say so if he wants more socks.  And he is even encouraging me to keep thinking about a new spinning wheel for a future purchase.  That alone is pretty awesome.

Yes, I AM happy being “just” a health aide and No, if you are not someone who has lived in rural Alaska and we haven’t talked about my job in depth, you have no true concept of what that means.  I don’t change bed pans and give baths, though I could do both.  Yes, I do take vitals, write prescriptions, give controlled substances, suture, insert catheters, perform blood draws, start and maintain IV’s  and treat the common cold and all types of chronic care patients.  Really.  “Just” a health aide?  Dude, if I were in a hospital there would be at least 3 people doing my job and I do it without their resources.

Yes, I do miss my family and Yes, they do know it.  However, they are all grateful that I live far away, as am I, because then I can tell them about my adventures, can send them gifts and they can send me “hugs” in return.  I have so much more to tell them and when we are able to get together, we really enjoy the time much more than if we were physically close.  The only real downside is that there really isn’t a chance for them to meet Sisu with me up here and they down there because that would be one heck of a drive or plane tickets for her would be a PITA.  However…you never know what the future might hold and my Mum might be able to meet her Grand-Dog yet!

Ending a relationship is never an easy thing.  Sometimes its easier than others, like if you KNOW that its a bad relationship, but other times, its much, much harder to first admit and then make the change that is needed.

One of the hardest relationships that I have ever had to examine is the one I have struggles with nearly daily.  I hate that I struggle daily against my needs versus my lusts.  I hate that I have become one of “those people” who aren’t happy with where they are and yet still stay there and struggle instead of having the guts to just walk away and start anew.  I hate that I even have to think about this relationship now as it used to be one whose peace and steady nature I took for granted.

I’m talking about my relationship with food.

I’ve taken the last few days to think about this relationship…where it was, where it is, where I see it going…and the one constant is that the food itself is constant.  Nothing changes unless I make the change in the recipe or volume of consumption and, for that, I am extremely grateful.  Sadly, I have been the one who has changed.  MY point of view, MY relationship, MY goals.  So much has changed in me that I am feeling like I need to “Take a break”.  But wait… I made the choice a long time ago that I was never going to deny myself the foods that I really wanted and I stand by that plan.  I’ve never been a calorie counter and I’ve always had a love of good cheese, creamy butter, flavoured olive oils and all sorts of “bad” foods.


I will not consume a block of cheddar just because I can.  I’ll weigh the chunk if I’ve cut it from the block and remind myself that the stronger the cheese, the less I’ll want to eat.

I will not eat the entire bag of Sour Patch Kids just because I’m on an airplane and gummy candy on a plane is a ritual I’m not willing to mess with.  I’ll save half for the return trip or put the remaining into a jar in the cupboard out of sight.

I will not feel guilty about throwing away half a bag of food that has gone stale.  I’ll buy a smaller bag next time or just skip it all together because I obviously didn’t want it all that badly.

I will not eat from the bag.  I’ll ‘dirty’ a bowl or plate instead.

I will not pretend that I don’t want those chips, ice cream, cheese, cake or candy.  I admit that not only do I want it but that I can wait until Friday to have it or I can only have 1 piece to tide me over.

I will not scoop with abandon.  I will remember to measure portions I’m not sure of and I will remember that no matter how good it smells or tastes, I do NOT have to eat it all right now.

I will not swear off carbs, red meat, skin-on chicken thighs, baked goods, chocolate, chips, all white foods or anything with fat.  I will remember that I love to eat all foods in moderation and that nothing is “bad”.  Except mushrooms.  And even those have their place.  I’ll also remember that if I tried to do the above, I’d need to move from AK because there is no way I could afford to eat only fruit and veggies while living here and I would be 20 kinds of foolish to try.

I will remember that I am NOT breaking up with food and that my decision to watch what I consume is much more than “Don’t eat that, it will make you Fat” because that kind of thinking would quickly drive me mad.  I’ll focus on enjoying each and every bite that I want and deny myself nothing.

I will remember that while I really like the adage, “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels”, I strongly disagree.  Why would I want to be thin and only eat cardboard?  Butter tastes so much better than margarine AND it has the benefit of being not being insanely processed.

I will remember that creating a new goal and plan for myself requires me to think of possible sacrifices and my willingness to make those.  If I’m not willing to do something then, obviously, that is not going to be the plan for me.  I put a great deal of value in the ritual of cooking and eating with M and no dress or jeans on earth is going to make me want to give those moments up.

I will remember that my original plan was to be a solid size 10 and I was a 10 sliding to an 8 last June.  Now, 9 months after hitting my goal and 14 months after consciously making the decision to change my habits, I am solidly in an 8 in both my ever comfy mid-rise jeans AND in a low-rise version and am wondering how far I WANT to go.

I will remember that having the Courage to look at myself is exactly that: a courageous act.  And it takes even more sisu to see, perceive, and act on change.

Now…if only I can figure out what I want the next change to be…

“Having more people in your life just means having more heartache than necessary at one point or another.” followed by someones comment of: “The truth is, everyone will hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for”





I really never thought of myself as Mary Sunshine but those type of updates almost always get me to comment because futility and I don’t mesh well.

How about remembering that having more people in your life just means having more joy, happiness and friends to share it all with? That you will never have to be alone in your heartache, no matter the cause, because there will be someone there to support you? That most drama and heartache is self-induced and you need more people in your life who will smack you upside the head and tell you to look on the bright side of life because there ALWAYS an upside?  I truly believe that if you walk around with a chip on your shoulder that is your belief that everyone will hurt you then you really will be hurt by everyone because you expect them to and thats what you are looking for.  People will rise to your expectations of them.


“Everyone will hurt you”?  Um, No.  Not everyone will hurt you.  Some people will hurt you.

Some people will hurt you intentionally because they think that it will make them feel better about themselves.

Some people will hurt you unintentionally when they are saving themselves…kinda like the near drowning victim who pushes his rescuer under in his attempt to keep his own head afloat…their intention isn’t to cause you pain but to save themselves from it and who can honestly blame them?

Some people will give you a sharp crack upside the head when you need a wake-up call, shake you when you are being stupid, be brutal with their honesty when you are being blind and cry along with you when you have fallen and are in pain because they share your pain.


You see, I see ‘hurt’ as something intentionally malicious and all-around mean-spirited.  I am the first to admit that I have had “hurt” feelings and I will certainly have them again…but thats because the comments exchanged touched a hidden nerve or because there was a misunderstanding of good-natured teasing, not because the other person was intentional.  Granted, if they were intentional, I will have written that person out of my life by now because the very last thing I need is to be weighed down by someone elses baggage because I have my own, thankingyouverymuch.   The hurt between a child and their parent/s?   IME, most of that is pain caused when the parent has let go, their offspring hurt themselves or learns the very hard way, and the parent aches with them or for their child-induced naivety to what the potential painful outcome may be.  Most parents are working for the best, and work hard at having the best of outcomes in play and the child decided that their own way is the best route because it may be faster/easier/more fun.  Granted, the latter might be true for a while but in the end, there are life lessons to be learned from the slow and uphill route and, as the parent/s have already learned that slow and steady wins the race, it must be very painful to watch your child get rolled for doing something that you were trying to protect them from.  Learning is painful and children must learn.  That particular pain is highly specialised and watching someone you have a personal genetic stake in do something that you know will cause them strife is a very specific brand of torture called parenthood and I do not envy you amazing people who do it.  To me, that is not the same type of “hurt” that “everyone” will cause you because no part of it is malicious and not ‘everyone’ has a genetic stake in your life and its outcomes.

As far as being hurt unintentionally…take my experience of my break up with J in ’08.  Yeah…that hurt a lot…but, again, it wasn’t malicious, it was to save himself and also to save me…and I’m grateful to him for that.  I learned a lot about myself being with him and in the end, he learned that I wasn’t the woman for him.  As much as I wanted to be then, I am so glad that he knew himself well enough to know it wasn’t best for him and to cut and run and because he did, I ended up with an amazing man who loves me just as I am.  Win/painful Win.


‘Suffering’?…the only way that I suffer in my life is in the way that I DO NOT.  I do not tolerate or allow myself to be around foolish people if I can help it because they make me angry and life is far too short to be angry with people who a) don’t know better, b) don’t know WHY you are angry, c) don’t CARE that you are angry or d) have no desire to change.  I’ll leave them be and we both will be the happier in the end!  I do not dwell on the pain or distress of any situation because there is always a bright side and I would much rather bask in the sun.  M being gone for 10 weeks?  The bright side is that he is training for a new job with leads to a new future for us and him being gone allows me to miss him and realise how much I love being around and with and M himself.  To undergo, be subjected to, or endure pain, distress, injury, loss, or anything unpleasant…I’ll be completely honest and tell you that there are days that running is down right unpleasant, has caused me pain and injury and sometimes the sight of myself in running tights is quite distressing but the very last thing I would say is that I have “suffered”.  I think I need to read the dictionary because thats how I define sacrifice as I give up something valuable, like temporary comfort, and get something better, like the look on M’s face when he sees me in the new things I bought…but then I guess that suffering very well can be part of sacrifice…but will I stay with “the one worth suffering for?”  Be with anyone who causes me to endure pain, distress, injury and unpleasantness?  Um, No.  That sounds too close to emotional and physical abuse and I deserve so much better and really, anyone who is even worth my time isn’t going to expect or want me to be under duress.


People who hurt me aren’t worth my time and so I don’t give them any more than they have already taken and I have no place in my life for dwelling on pain or distress. Get Up, Get On, Get Away and/or Get Over It…thats the best you can do at any time.  The people who truly, truly love you will be the ones who are in that latter group of “Some people”.  They will be your wake-up call, your brain, your eyes and your tears when you need them.  Those somebodies are the people who I make up my ‘Everybody’ with and I truly hope that you, dear reader, can see your everybody the same way.


Any Questions?

I think when I knit.

Sometimes deep thoughts, sometime shallow but always inwardly focused.  Knitting and Spinning is the time when I can mentally shut out the world and just focus on me.

Lately my thoughts have been deep inner ramblings that have stilled my hands over the needles and my “normal” knitting WIPs have dwindled as I thought more and knit less, I haven’t been able to sit at my wheel for nearly a month because of work travel…and I see that as part of a problem.

For me, knitting and spinning is a stress relief and a way of escaping into my thoughts and soothing them with wool.  I figure out most of my woes with the balm of lanolin and pretty objects and not doing that has lead to a buildup of nearly toxic levels.  *I* feel toxic and I am sure that my someone is suffering for it as well.  The last thing I want is to have my toxicity rubbing off on someone who I love and the other someones who I see on a work-daily basis.  Not good all around.

So here is me trying to knit, spin and think more and reduce those toxic levels…I don’t think that my run this afternoon will hurt any either 🙂

As I am passing through Anchorage on my way to Nome I am able to endulge in some luxuries. I had a wonderful dinner of sashimi and sushi and an A-MAZING glass of plum wine. I stopped at the Asian grocery store before getting a cab home and picked up some Furikake (rice seasoning), black currant sweets and packet miso soup, all to enjoy up in Nome and headed home to indulge in the BIG luxuries…cable TV and high-speed Internet.

And less than 20 minutes into my cable connection, I am ready to cut the cord already, all because of commercials. Jewelery commercials in particular. They all seem to say to men, “Get her this sparkly thing and make her Christmas”, and worse,  “If you don’t get her this shiny thing to prove your love, you don’t really love her” From kisses beginning with ‘K’, which is, in my opinion, one of the smartest slogans to the horrifying commercial with the kid oogling the chocolates who grows up to be the woman oogling the ‘chocolate’ diamonds (because we don’t have ENOUGH issues with food as it is, we need to now relate diamonds to food too?), its all about one-upping the gift giving between partners…


So here is the solution: Remember that there no such thing as the perfect gift, only perfect thoughts.

Let me explain:  I have a sister who knows that I have a mad passion for Frosty Nerds that only come out at Christmas and haven’t been able to find them anywhere in Alaska.  So she sends me a few boxes every year and totally makes my season and I am so very grateful to her.  As you can see from that link, they are $2.29/box.  At that price, you would never expect the joy that I get from such little things.  And I don’t get the joy from the candy…not really.  Its not to say that I don’t love every little apple, cherry or fruit punch tang on my tongue, cause I really, really do; no, I get the joy because its my sister thinking about me.

Really, no matter how trite it sounds, it IS the thought that counts the most.  So think about your gift recipients.  Think about the little things that they love but rarely get to indulge in and consider making a gift of that.  Focus on the little things that make their day and stop trying to out-do each other.


*Please see bottom of post for an important update*

I started my Mums Christmas gift this week, a shawl that she picked out, Andrea’s Shawl (Rav link and KnitPicks link) in some yarn that is a surprise (so no pics anywhere until after 12/25!) I got the pattern, checked my gauge and cast on for what looked to be something beautiful and fun.  Well, the beautiful part is right so far but I am far from having any fun.

10 months ago, errata was found on Row 1 (a K6 to end the pattern repeats instead of the intended K5).  I knew of this because of fantastic Ravelry and the errata notice.  On the bottom of the notice there was a line saying “The pattern has been corrected”.  I took that to mean that the pattern had been corrected on the KnitPicks download, the seller of this pattern via their Independent Designer Program (IDP).

It hadn’t.

Which I discovered just now.

To make matters even worse, a mistake on Row 10 was discovered 5 months ago and THAT hasn’t been changed in the pattern either.

I know that if one follows the chart instead of the written (“Witten”, according to the pattern) directions, this wouldn’t be a problem.  I, as a normal chart reader, wouldn’t have had a problem…except I chose this once to read the written directions and now have to tink back 223, yes, 223 stitches because there is not a chance on Gods snowy earth that I am going to frog and re-pickup all those stitches.

Now, errata happens.  There are mistakes in patterns all the time.  That’s not why I’m upset.  I’m upset because this time no one bothered to correct the mistake.  Now, if it was a book printing, I would understand why I got a ‘faulty’ copy and had to find the errata on the publishers website.  However, this is a PDF from a website.  There are 573 projects of this pattern, completed or WIP’s on Ravelry alone, who knows how many others are out there.  Its a simple correction on a PDF, an update of the website to make sure that version 2.0 was being sent out and Robert’s your mothers brother.  Not a big deal at all.

Epic Fail, KnitPicks, to not have corrected what you knew was wrong all those months ago and for not having a notice of errata up on your website.  Fail too, on the part of the designer not to make sure that there was an up-to-date version being sold from there.

In searching and ensuring that post tinking that I’ll be using the correct written Row 1, I’ve learned that the designer also sells this pattern via Ravelry and her ThroughTheLoops ravelry store.  Maybe its that version of the pattern that has been corrected, per the errata notice.

Will I be repurchasing to find out?

Um, No.

Will I always check my version of the pattern against all known errata, no matter how recently I’ve purchased a pattern in the future?

A resounding Yes.

UPDATE: Kirsten Kapur, the designer of Andrea’s Shawl, as well as many other patterns (she has 50 up on Ravelry!!), responded to my comment on the lack of an updated version with alacrity.  She not only clarified where I had gotten the pattern, contacted KnitPicks to make sure they now have the updated version AND sent me a free copy from her throughtheloops Ravelry shop.  If you are not a Ravelry member, you can find her patterns on her online shop where she has her patterns very well organised and easy to peruse.  I know that I will be buying more patterns from her in the future…especially that Woods Hollow Vest.  Its been in my queue for a while now but because of her amazing customer service, it has jumped to the top.

I’ve been doing some ignoring lately.  Mainly, I’ve ignored those messages in my Facebook inbox that say something along the lines of: “October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, get all your women friends together and post where you like to leave your purse by saying, “I like it in the____” and don’t say anything else.  Last year we confused and stumped the men by only posting our bra color so lets see the power of women again this year!”


There are a few MAJOR problems I have with messages like this.

#1) What does where I like to leave my purse have anything to do with breast cancer awareness?

#2) Why would I not want to make any other comment besides, “I like it in the…” to raise awareness?

#3) Where is any education or awareness of the point of those supposed thousands of posts going to come from?

#4) Do we have to make everything so flippin’ sexual?  Really?  You don’t think that by saying simply saying, “I like it on the kitchen table” isn’t going to raise sexual commentary?  ‘Cause I promise you that it does.  I havent seen a single “I like it” post without a winking smiley, a ‘Oh really’ or other more blatant responses.

#5) ‘Power of women’?  What are we doing that is so powerful?  Confusing and stumping men?  Really, cause most of the men I know are confused and stumped by the women in their lives on a daily basis with no special posts or effort made on the female side, so that can’t possible be it.


So I was ignoring those messages…and then, my favourite pot stir-er and best friend, BrightonWoman, made a status comment that I couldnt just let pass me by without chiming in, borrowing and editing to make my own.  For those of you who arn’t FB friends, here is my extended status post and other commentary blended together:


(SisuGirls real name) agrees that the reason that breast cancer gets more attention than childhood cancer, pregnancy/infant loss or domestic violence or other worthy things  is most likely because we have a sex/boob obsessed culture. We dont like to think about sick kids, dead babies or beaten women, but we do want to think about boobs. By saying “I like it on the…” doesn’t cure cancer or save one darn person, only makes you think of sex.  Where is the message about awareness?

I’m all for support and helping others feel better, thats why I participate in the creation of prayer shawls and chemo caps.  How about making a donation to the American Cancer Association or other support organization of your choice this year in the name of your friends and family instead of unneeded or unwanted Christmas gifts?  Why not post about the generous donation you just made to ACA or any other cancer research organisation in your loved ones name? I’m sure they could use the money and not random Facebook posts with sexual connotations. What about encouraging all the women you know to take part in “Friday Feel-Up”, a routine weekly self breast exam, so that they are aware of their bodies and can tell when something is wrong or different? Better yet, get your own husband/partner involved in said exam…what better way to spark the mood AND make sure you are around for years to come to enjoy each other, where ever “you like it”.  How about volunteering your time at a local shelter? How about actually doing something instead of making a useless Facebook post about where you like to leave your purse? I know I will.


In my posts I refer to October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Children’s Cancer Awareness Month, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, Attachment Parenting Awareness Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month but the list goes on and on…64 on this list from McGraw-Hill in the US and here is a list from the UK.  Some are funny and lesser known, the fact that October is also National Popcorn Poppin’ Month (yes, poppin’) was a surprise to me and any reason I can take to celebrate popcorn, I am all over it.  Others are even less well known, like the fact that it is also National Spina Bifida Awareness Month.  To be honest, I don’t like the most common disabling birth defect in the US or most of the other things that need awareness raised about them…but I sure as hell don’t think that anyone will be made aware of any of the things on those lists or the impact that they have on real peoples lives because of hyper sexualized single line status posts.  I encourage each and every one of you to become a champion of something that is near and dear to your heart and I promise, I’ll Like It and make sure that I help you raise and spread awareness to others about it.