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Oh this project…

I bought this fiber back when I begun spinning and what a lucky purchase it was.  I had seen it on Etsy and messaged the dyer to see if she would dye it for me.  I learned 2 things from this exchange.
#1: You always should ask because the worst they say is no.
#2: You always should ask how much if you haven’t seen the original listing.
I was a little shocked when the bill came but chalked it up to learning and the cost of cashmere.DSC_4492

I would do it again instantly if I found another listing that sang to me the way this did.
This beautiful fiber came out of its packaging every few months to get pet and admired and then put away as I realised that I was no where near the spinner I needed to be to delve into this gorgeous stuff and give it its due.DSC_4491
After I finished Intentions, I needed a break from BFL and thought that, after all this time of spinning consistantly, it was time to get in there…and it was.
The fiber spun as from a dream and the colours were beyond my hopes.  DSC_6147
The plying was perfect and preserved those colour repeats that I wanted to hold on to.  DSC_6170
The knitting was more bliss as I began a simple shawl with a 3 stitch garter edge with a YO and then YOs next to the spine stitch before YO next tot the other garter edge.

It worked up beautifully.
As I got to the end of my ball, I thought that simple lace faggoting would be the perfect way to finish.

It is.

I worked until I could feel the end was nigh and began my cast off with JSSBO.  I knew it would take a good deal of yarn so saved myself what I thought would be perfect.
I was close.

6 stitches close.

There was weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Ask M.  There was cursing too.
Lucky for me, I was binding off in the brilliant line-green section of yarn and I just happened to have some lime green yarn that is a very nearly perfect match.  You can’t tell unless I point it out to you.
The blocking was magical, as it always is, and the simple lace is perfect.

I wear this scarf/shawl often and it is the project that I stick into my bag daily if I don’t wrap it around my neck  before leaving.  The cashmere and superwash merino couldn’t have been a more perfect blend and this project is sheer perfection in every possible way.


But its ok because I put him there.  This lovely rubber duckie is actually a tea duck, no, not a special breed but a tea ball…See:

He was part of my Easter box that my mum and sister sent to me and I just love him.  Very cute and makes me smile every time I use him.

In other news, that tea duckie is in a travel mug because I have to go to a A&P2 lab in a few minutes but I thought I’d leave you with a few photos of what we’ve been up to:

Skimming stone and thinking better of fetching them…

Finding inspiration everywhere, including bathroom stalls…

Posing for family pictures…

Trying not to get pounced on but loving to play together…

Working on knitting super secret projects being held for ransom…

And enjoying life in general, especially these past few beautiful days!  Running in the sun is fun and I’ve got 8 days until my first race of the season.  I’ve got quite the container garden going now, complete with tomatoes and basil.  If only mozzarella grew in pots we’d be totally set!  School is going great and we’re over half done, 2/3rds actually!

Lots going on and lots more to do today.  Enjoy it!

So, I just realised that I have this…thing…for project bags.

It all started before I even had a project to put in a project bag.  All I had was this strip of beautiful Russian-themed fabric and no possible way to turn it into something wearable as it was 9.5″ wide and 16″ long.  I DID have a plain red canvas-like material that I could pair with it but still, what could I make from just those things?  Thats when I fell back on my old stand-by.  A bag.


It is simple, not entirely neat and one of the most used things that I own.  Those handles are bias tape.  I knew that I wanted handles but didn’t know how to use the buttonhole attachment of the sewing machine I was using at the time so just cut 4 little slits into the canvas side and used a safety pin to slide the bias tape between the layers and Voila!  I had handles to my bag.  A few weeks later I was fishing and needed a clip to keep the bag in place inside my overalls and the salmon tag pin you see there was added.  It came in quite useful as you can see.  Look to my right shoulder strap (left side in the photo).ImageSee the clip and the handle?  Thats me working on my Mums Rose Trellis Lace socks (in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in the Rose Trellis colourway) while fishing up past Icy Point.  I would take out the socks between running gear and cleaning salmon and got them done in record time because my awesome little bag kept everything clean and to hand.  It is still one of my go-to bags when I am packing socks for a trip, especially if I am needing that clip!

But other bags have come into my life too and I love them with a passion because they are all very cool and wonderful to me.ImageFirst up is the hedgehog bag you can see on the left.  This was bag #2 and BrightonWoman made that for me from the leftovers from my “hug”(lap blanket) that she made for me post big breakup.  I use that bag for holding the sweater that I am working on now or for whichever of my projects is the largest.  It can hold a good deal, the whole back of a sweater plus part of a front AND an extra skein of yarn, and that means that it is my perfect “big” project bag. This bag usually stays at home and makes the transition from knitting corner to couch for the most part.

Bag #3 is the lemon bag in the middle.  I bought that from The Loopy Ewe and it is a Three Bags Full bag (etsy shop here).  So bright and sunny, I rarely find myself ‘searching’ for this bag and being so large, it generally holds M’s Socks-In-Progress…both of them!

Bag #4 is the hedgehog bag on the left and is a JessaLu bag that I wanted the first time I saw it.  She has an Etsy shop and an Artfire one (which is where I got that bag) and was a joy to buy from.  I absolutely LOVE her fabric choices and am very excited to see her upcoming Doctor Who update to both shops.   Again, this bag usually holds socks…usually mine or my mothers but most recently it was baby socks and baby blanket squares for my sisters newest bundle of joy, RGB.  Since my good friend A is expecting her 3rd in December, it very well may hold baby things again soon!

Which brings us to this week.  No, I do not have enough project bags because there are still projects that are naked and exposed and sans project bags.  Which is why I bought this one, again from The Loopy Ewe and again, a Three Bags Full bag.Image

ImageIts Sushi!!!  A gorgeous green with so many beautiful rolls that it makes me hungry just looking at it.  When I saw it during my weekly scan of TLE, I knew that it had to come to Washington and live with me.  M smiled when he saw it and since I know that he shares my love of the raw fish, I knew he would like this bag too.  Speaking of M, one of the up sides to having this plethora of project bags is ease on him.  He knows if I ask for “My knitting”, he can grab ANY of the bags and I will be happy.  If I ask for a specific bag, he can easily grab that one, Hedgehogs, Lemons, Russian or now, Sushi, and I will have my specific project.  Win-Win, especially since there are handknit socks involved!

Things have been hopping here in SisuGirl-land…

Mike and I took Sisu to a dog park a few days ago and while she amused herself by chasing a mouse, we laughed over the signage.

I love signs like this.

We also took a drive one fine afternoon and ended up a but further than we expected…

Thats what can happen when you aren’t really travelling with a destination in mind!

I’ve been training for the Pasta Dash that is coming fast (next week!!!) and I am thrilled with my new piece of workout wear:

Its a running skirt/skort from RunningSkirts and I LOVE IT so very much.  It gives me just that little extra bit of coverage over my rear so I don’t feel so exposed.  Generally, my feelings towards workout gear is that I’m wearing X and working out and don’t care what you think because this is for me.  Unfortunetly, that attitude doesn’t make me feel less ogled when running past men but, surprisingly, wearing a skirt does.  The compression shorts underneath are perfect and stay in place and then the skirt over the top doesn’t ride either but gives that extra bit of coverage so you don’t see the shorts moulded to my rear…

See?  It also helps that its summery and cute and the colours means that it will go with everything in my workout closet 🙂

And speaking for workout closet…I’ve decided to ‘move’ with my life in a slightly new direction.  I have really enjoyed my (continuing) weight loss journey with my buddy and I feel that I would be a great motivator and helper for others to do the same so I have started a new course of study and certification…to become a ACE certified Personal Trainer.

You can look forward to seeing more about this as I work through the books and delve deeper into and onto this path.  I’m wondering if I should start up a new section of the blog for it…got any input, fair reader?

Continuing on the fitness line:  I finally did something that I have been thinking about for a long while now…



Points to the first person who can tell me a) Why I have 6 large stars and b)Why the first star is teal and the second star is pink.

I’ll think of some awesome prize for you, I promise!  And I’ll explain everything in tomorrows blog post…cause there is a lot on my mind that needs OUT.

Also on the busy adventure front…I am starting some other new training tomorrow too.  I’m becoming a Certified Nurses Aide for the state of Washington.  There is a great need for caregivers and this is a great start for me here in WA.  Send happy thoughts 🙂


Its been a while since I’ve told you about my WIP’s so its time to ‘fess up.

I have more socks on the needles than I would care to admit…but I will….also show you photos of my 4th weekend to lessen the shock.

First up…Wedding Socks for Mum.

Rather, the Wedding Sock and cuff.  I had originally intended these to be mailed before April 25th and be working on my matching pair during the wedding itself.  Yeah, I was THAT delusional.

Yarn: Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock in Royal Wedding, the April 2011 special colourway.

Needles: KP’s Nickel DPN size 0 (2mm)

Oh Look!  There is a beautiful hydrangia in bloom in the yard!  Did you know that you can change their colours depending on the pH of the soil?

Next up are my IBS socks, so named because a friend (IBS) from Ravelry sent me the yarn as a Thank You for helping her find a Knit Picks order that had gone astray. 

While I am normally quite dilligent about casting on for the second sock directly after the first comes off the needles, this one was a bit different.  I used US 1.5 (2.5mm) needles for the cuffs of the Royal Wedding socks and then US 0 (2mm) for the rest and the IBS sock needles 1.5’s were the only other needles I had to hand since my others are still packed as packaging for my wheel.  SO…when I finished the first IBS sock, I had to wait to finish the first Royal Wedding sock so I could then start the second Royal Wedding sock with my 1.5’s and THEN switch to the 0’s and use the 1.5’s on my IBS socks.  Granted, its been a few days since I got to the second leg of the Royal Wedding sock and I still haven’t started the second IBS…

OH Look!  A Hummingbird!

Did you know there is a yarn store in Aberdeen, WA?  Thanks to Ravelry, I did!

It is The Yarn Corner and while looking slightly disheveled at the moment while the owner is going thru chemo, it has great selections and I made one 🙂

I had been wanting to try Tofutsies for a while now and when I saw this colour…well, the pink just spoke to me.  Its #806 and while I hate that SWTC doesn’t give the name on the label, it does on the website and my #806 becomes “Wiggle your Toes”.  I am really liking working with this yarn and as soon as I get thru this pair, I’ll give a full review of it here.  They are supposed to be socks for Mike but I may commandeer them.  There were also needles bought at The Yarn Corner too…I needed them because what good is new yarn if you haven’t the tools to knit it?  More on that later but more specifically, these are Crystal Palace 5″ bamboo 0’s and while I like how light they are, I hate their bendy-ness and the dull tips.  I’ll use them for these socks and then they’ll go up for sale or trade or in a giveaway 🙂

Oooohhhh…Look at how the light is caught in the spiderweb!!!

Mike and I spent our 4th with an Army buddy of his and his family who live in Gig Harbor.  We had a fantastic time and I learned a new skill from the Army buddies’ AMAZING wife:  Wire Crochet.

C really enjoys beading and teaches classes and when she found out how crafty I am, she thought it would be fun to teach me and she was SO right!

She showed me how, gave me the wire and beads and set me to work.

That night, I had a beautiful new necklace, a new skill and a new friend.  Thanks C!!

Because of them and the drive to their house, I also have a new yarn shop that I just love and will have to take C to next time we visit.

It helps that she also wants to learn to knit 🙂

It is:

(Click on photo to go to the shop page)

And I bought 5oz of this beautiful fawn coloured Romedale Cross from my sales lady Lois’, who I think may be the owner too, sheep.

Totally makes me want to unpack my wheel right now…and I think I will later today.

This beautiful earthenware button was done by Terry Nokell, aka “The Loggers Daughter”, a local artist.

Remember me talking earlier about needing to buy needles to go with my new sock yarn?

Yeah…it happened again…

I really, really have been wanting to try these Kollage square needles for a while now and there have been a pair in my basket over on The Loopy Ewe for just ages…

…but Lois had them in the store and I couldn’t resist.


Locally handyed sock yarn just makes me salivate and in more “Boy” colours makes for better socks for Mike too.

And speaking of “boy colours”…

Lois also had Waikiwi yarn that would look very nice together with coordinating cuff, heels and toes.

It helps that I have been really wanting to try this yarn too 🙂  The possum content is what really attracted me…

FYI:  There is a MAJOR difference between the New Zealand Possum and the Opossum that Western Hemisphere readers will know.

In NZ, the possum is a major ecological pest and does major damage to the native ecosystem as it was an introduced species from Australia

While I am very anti-fur and think fur coats look better on the animal than any human, this is my one exception, especially since the critter is just so darn disastrous.

Well, that and the fact that Lois said that an employee who is a very tough sock yarn reviewer just loves it and says it holds up really, really well.

OH LOOK!!  Another hummingbird!

And some lavender!

Its a good thing I saw the lavender…its great for keeping moths away and man, do I have a potential feast for them!

Its a good thing that I passenge while Mike drives because otherwise I wouldn’t have half the knitting time that I do 🙂

I LOVE radio and it has been one of those things that I have very much missed while living in rural Alaska.  Mike and I have had quite a lot of drive time lately…2 hours from the airport, 8-10 hours to and from his dad, 4 hours round-trip to my Uncle and Aunt, and numerous short shopping and sightseeing car rides.  I’ve seen some beautiful country that I will be posting photos of soon and we have had lots of great conversation but one of the best parts of the mileage is the XM radio.  There are songs that I like, songs that I dislike, songs that I know, songs that I’ve only heard 3 lines of the chorus of before that I finally heard in entirety and then there are songs that I absolutely LOVE.  One of them is “Riptide” by Sick Puppies.  Though I know nothing of the band or their other songs, I know how much this song resonates with me.  The chorus and second verse is:


I, I won’t justify
The way I live my life
‘Cause I’m the one livin’ it
Feelin’ it, tastin’ it
And you’re just wasting your time
Trying to throw me a line
When you’re the one drowning
I like where I’m at on my back
Floating down in my own riptide
The water is fine

I like to step on cracks
I go against the odds
You think my world is flat
Do I turn you on?
Maybe, yeah I’m wrong
But I like where I’m going
I leave when others stay
I never re-decide
I don’t mind if you wait
But I don’t waste my time
Crazy is just fine
‘Cause I like where I’m going

I, I won’t justify
The way I live my life
‘Cause I’m the one livin’ it
Feelin’ it, tastin’ it
And you’re just wasting your time
Trying to throw me a line
When you’re the one drowning
I like where I’m at on my back
Floating down in my own riptide
The water is fine

Oh how I wish I had my spinning wheel to hand because this song fits perfectly with my Intentional living.  Listening and singing along helps me remember that I’m where I am because of my decisions; conscious, well-thought decisions that I do not regret or wish to do differently; and that I am nowhere near floundering or drowning in my time of unknowing but I need to relax, lay back and stop struggling in my uncertainty and enjoy floating in my own riptide.  Like always, it will be one hell of a ride.

I love mornings.

When I wake up there are those moments of pure bliss as I realise that there is another day ready to be enjoyed and today was no different.  Some days, I just lay there and listen to the birds excitedly discussing their plans for the next 24 hours; the ravens mimicking the sounds of meowing cats, water drops and ‘talking’ dogs, the millions of little wren-like birds twittering without the 120 character limit, the calling of the seagulls hailing the coming of their courting season and soon, the call of the “Oh Dear Me” birds, whose plaintive song always makes me smile, despite their sad name.  Those listening days are best when I have my someone to snuggle against; stealing his warmth in exchange for the blankets that he wraps himself burrito-style in.   Other days, I just can’t wait to leap up and peek thru the curtains to see what awaits me.  Dazzling blue or solid grey, it is a new beginning that is to be savored for the singular experience that it would become.

There is a peace that I feel in listening and watching the world come to awareness again that has no parallel.

The best mornings are those when I cannot stay inside…

A gorgeous glow on my living room wall leads to a peek out the window followed by quick dash back to the bedroom where I grab the nearest pair of trousers and sweatshirt, slip into tennies and, joined by my usual pack of dogs, head to the dawn.

Because of the chilly spring wind, it feels like the sun is reluctant to get out of her bed today…

But the colours she displays right before the big reveal always take my breath away and cause me to forgive her…and remind myself that it was I who forgot my coat.

Then she is here.  Illuminating me, both body and soul.

As I stand there, reveling in glorious colour and promise, I wish that I had 2 things:  A mug of coffee to warm my fingers and a friend to share this beautiful moment with.

A nudge to my thigh makes me smile.

I only really need the coffee.

One of the main people who has had an influence on my tastebuds was JL, the mom of the family I worked and lived with in Bellevue, WA.  She is an AMAZING cook and I was very glad to learn from her.  The biggest upside?  The family is Korean which means that my food palatte just exploded with fun new foods.  Over the months that I was with them, I learned not only how to order in a restaurant but also how to decipher the labels at the Asian markets, both of which have been a HUGE help for me now that I am so far away from JL and her family.  Every once in a while, my head spins as I remember some of the amazing meals that I shared with the L Family:

Kimbap (Korean-style rice roll, kinda like California rolls) from the Grocery store.  The kids and I would pick up one after shopping and eat it on the way home in the car.  Perfect for little hands and simply popping into your mouth on the way.

Yakgwa…a deep-fried, honey soaked cake that I fell in mad, mad love with that was best when fresh, all soft and sticky but was still yummy and amazing when slightly dried out.  I searched every month for this sweet treat when I was in Anchorage and never was able to fidn it at my local Korean Grocery store but I FOUND IT this last time…and bought 2 packages and promptly threatened M with pain of death if he didn’t save and savor each and every bite or inhaled them.  Mine.  All Mine.  Unless I share with you.  Seriously, I nearly cried when I remembered how happy TL (the eldest child) and I would get over finding fresh yakgwa at the store…I miss her so much and I’ll think about her and how she is so darn grown up now

Kalbi was always a favorite, and who could blame me?  Very thinly sliced beef short ribs marinated in soy sauce, garlic and sugar and hen quickly grilled?  Heaven. On. Earth.

Jjigae (soup) in all its various forms…Kimchi jjigae, Sundubu jjigae (soft tofu) all served still bubbling and spicy…yum!  There was a restaurant that we would go that had the best Haemul sundubu jjigae (seafood tofu soup, mostly made with fish eggs) that I learned to love after a few tries.

Japchae made in J style was always something that I had a hard time turning away from…

Pajeon, a pancake-like food with lots of veggies in the batter.

Naengmyeon, a cold soup with buckwheat noodles, sliced cucumbers, carrots, hard boiled eggs…I searched for ages before I found the package that I recognised at my Korean Market and I am so glad to have it again in my pantry.

All the various Panch’an…oh Lordy…a little of this, a little of that…sweet, spicy, savory, soft, crunchy…little dishes of everything possible to complete the meal and nearly everything made with a dollop of gochujang to give it that peppery kick with a sweet undertone.  And Kimchi.  Always Kimchi and always different varieties of it.  And Kim, that lovely, crunchy seaweed seasoned with sesame oil and salt that is so addictive.

And then there are the dishes that don’t have official names…there is this world shattering chicken dish that JL would make with just chicken, potato, ginger, soy and something else…bring it all to a simmer on the stove and let it go…sweet and sticky and heavenly…I need to get the recipe from her!  The killer Black Cod that was so simply broiled…buttery and amazing.

I think the only Korean dish that I never really loved was Bibimbap.  A dish with nearly everything in it, raw egg cracked on top and then all mixed together to eat.  I don’t know why I never took to it…maybe I like eating everything separately too much 🙂

JL and the entire L family have been such a sustaining influence on me and my life…not just food-wise but they are always in my thoughts…and I’ll think of them even more when I make and eat duk gook (not quite the recipe I will use) for dinner tonight 🙂

I SO needed that vacation.  5 days in Anchorage…away from Nelson Lagoon…in “The City”…able to try things on before buying…grocery stores…more people to see at the movies than in the entire town of NLG…great food that I can’t make at home for lack of ingrediantes and training…a king-sized bed (which we decided is far, far too big for M and myself)…and just time with M…it was perfect and exactly what I needed.

I’m going to show off some of my prized purchases…some of these things I have been wanting and/or needed for a while…others were spur of the moment lust purchases 🙂

(Clockwise from top R) A new pair of pants from Hot Topic…they are not just the leopard print but those spots also have dark red glitter…lust at first sight, love at first zip.  Keem is directly below the trousers and THE food that I love nearly as much as popcorn. It is dried seaweed seasoned with sesame oil and salt and I love it with rice and soup and plain out of the package.  Its one of those foods that I first tried when I was living and working with the L family in Bellevue and I nearly always have it on hand.  Spring Roll skins.  Another food I first had in Bellevue and since M and I were able to stock up on fresh veggies, a perfect idea for dinner tonight.  (On bottom) Silver mesh splatter screen.  I LOVE popcorn but I hate not having the perfect lid for it…enter: Splatter screen!  It lets the steam out while keeping the oil in.  Granted, it’s not a permanent solution as the screen needs to be replaced ever so often but its SO much better than having to use the regular lid of the pot, what with its condensation and all.  Long chopsticks are a must for anyone who really likes to cook using chopsticks.  I find my short ones are too…short.  🙂  Teal hair clips…we’ll talk about this in a moment..  Combination pepper mill and salt mill…M and I have been lamenting for a while that we needed a pepper mill  and after pricing them out, we decided to go with function AND cuteness.  You only get one grind at a time (S OR P, not both) and to choose there is a little S on one side right above the seam showing or a P on the other and you just turn the handle to “select” the one you want.  Completely adjustable, I cant wait to use it!  Going to the middle:  New cloth napkins…very much needed and a very pretty green.  Samovar Tea…orange, cloves and enough cinnamon that the entire hotel room smelled of it despite the multiple layers of paper and plastic bags and the only way to keep it from infusing everything nearby with cinnamon is to seal it behind glass.  I love this spicy tea!  L side rear: Wii games!  M and I went to GameStop and shopped in the pre-owned section and found Lego Star Wars, another Star Wars game AND Zumba for me.  I’m very excited.


Going back to the teal hair clips…When we went into Hot Topic, there was a sales girl in there who had a large chunk of teal with pink tips in her hair and I was in LOVE.  She had black hair and that chunk really popped so I knew it would look good with my nearly black hair too, I just really, really like wearing teal and I’ve never done anything that extreme with my hair.  So I bought the clips in the hopes that it would give me a good idea of how it would look and how I would like them…yeah, they were a PITA to use but, wow, I liked the look and the very next morning I was sitting in the stylists chair…

and sitting…

and sitting…

and M was waiting in the lobby…

and waiting…


Seriously.  I think he is a saint for waiting that long because I was about to go crazy myself and I felt horrid for him.  The project was only supposed to take like 1-1.5 hours max but my hair which is normally resistant to other forms of chemical processing followed its MO and needed the bleach to sit for 4 of those hours.  Now before any of you hair people flip out that my hair is going to fall out because its so damaged after 4 hours of bleaching…its not.  It took that long, and multiple applications of the bleach, to get my hair to the yellow blond it needed to be which is no where near the damaged, unhealthy white.  Final result?  I finished one of M’s socks, did the cuff and 1″ of leg on the second, and now have 3 chunks of teal and some shiny bits that I really love too.  Sorry but the following are not-good bathroom photos:

See the shiny?










Here is the Left side







And the Right:

Notice the two sections?  One starts right by the clip, the other much lower down by my R ear.

And here you can see all at once 🙂 Can you see how the L side is brighter than the 2 on the R?  Thats because it is.  I over-dyed it with demi-permanent teal from HotTopic because while I love the colour and the permanence of the darker teal, it just wasnt the strong POP that I was going for.  I did that section only because that was the only one that I could reach by myself that night but my plan is to enlist the help of my nearly niece B or my buddy M and brighten those other two sections as well. While the bright teal will fade and need to be re-touched, the darker teal should last and that is just fine with me…cause I also bought a bottle of bright lime to try later on!

Overall?  I LOVE IT.  If my hair is down, you can’t see the teal at all.  If I pull it back into a ponytail, the one of the L shows but not the R ones.  If I do some-up, some-down, the lower R shows but not the upper or L.  If I french braid it, the top R should have its own section…but we’ll try that later!

Topic #55

If you could have anything to eat right now, what would it be?

Bonuses: 1) Assume price is no object. 2) If you could eat this food with anyone alive or who has ever lived, who would it be? 3) Find and share a photo of what you’d like to eat or the person from #2.


If price were not an object…hmmm…nope, I would still pick the same food:  Pizza…Pepperoni pizza, specifically.

Not particularly Brothers Pizza…I don’t think that I’ve ever had it, to be honest, but a heart shaped pepperoni pizza is just right up my ally.   Fresh from the oven,  hot and melt-y, spicy and tomato-y and cheese-y…please excuse me while I wipe the drool from my keyboard…but oh, that sound heavenly right now. I miss fresh, hot pizza and I promise, its one of those things that will be first on my list of indulgences when I get to Sitka in a few weeks.  Oh how I have missed Pizza Express 🙂


I would want to eat my pizza with my friends and family.  All of them.  So that is a lot of pizza needed.  Really, there is no specific person to enjoy my pizza feast with because there are so many people that I would love to enjoy a meal with.  I want M to meet my Mum, sister and BIL and my adorable nephew, my uncles and aunts surnames of Austin, the entire community that I lived and worked with in Bellevue, WA, many of my HS chums, friends from college…oh my list just goes on and on…and then there are also my friends who I want to catch up with because its been years since I have really had a chance to sit and visit with them…I’m telling you, its a HUGE list.

Part of my pizza party is about getting to see and visit with people so much more than anything else.  I know that there is little chance for my entire family to ever meet M which makes me wish for it more than anything else.  I also miss M terribly right now…its been nearly 8 weeks since I saw him…so all I want is for us to be able to sit down over a simple, hot and delicious meal and relax and chat and just hang out.  I know that there are a few people that will be hard to see again because of geography getting in the way and that makes me sad and wish for just a few hours of relaxed conversation over a pint and slice to just touch base in that way that bonding over food makes possible.  In December I had a blessed few hours with Brightonwoman and her family and it was the relaxing with pizza and root beer in the comfort of a hotel room that really makes me miss the easy comfort of visiting with friends on an easy Friday night.

Some people might want the fancy for their special meal of choice…but for me, its pizza with my family and friends.  With the beverage of their choice to hand and napkins…lots and lots of napkins.