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Taking part in The Simple Woman’s Daybook:

Outside my window, I’ve watched the sun come up with my cup of coffee.

I am thinking about someone 5 time zones away.

I am thankful for my warm house.

I am wearing my uniform of jeans, cami and cardigan.

In the learning room, the podcast, “Stuff you missed in History Class

I am remembering that I need to send a swatch to my Mum for colour matching for my Duplicity.

I am going to spend the day spinning for my Intentions project.

I am currently reading “The Language of Bees” by Laurie R King.

I am hoping that the phones will work well and my someone can get thru when he phones later on.

On my mind is my future

Noticing that the grass is nearly all yellow and dead

Pondering these words…

From the kitchen, pork and sauerkraut are bubbling in the crock-pot

Around the house, I’m realizing that I need to rearrange furniture for a ‘change of pace’.

One of my favorite things is sitting at my spinning wheel listening to podcasts.

From my camera, the series of photos I took last weekend of having my sewer replaced, old for new, free of charge: