Today, I wanted to share with you my current list of things I am fanatical about. Its a varied list so enjoy what you will and leave the rest 🙂 There are NO affiliated links to anything though if you go thru Amazon, do consider shopping thru Amazon Smile so that a percentage of your purchase can go to the charity of your choice.

Hydrojug. Yes, I have multiple water bottles. But none before like this. (And I have 2)

My #1: This 64oz capacity absolute beauty is the pinnacle of water bottleage. This version is a stainless steel, double walled version that keeps the water cold for hours and hours…but it doesn’t last that long. The lid has a built in straw – it comes out for cleaning – so you don’t have to tilt the bottle to drink from it and you even can pour from it without removing the straw. It has a large handle too so carrying it is a breeze, even when full. For me, this is perfect and I am 100% happy with this purchase.

#2 is the plastic version of #1…sorta. The body shape is different, the handle is actually built into the bottle itself and, intelligently, the lid threading offsets the drinking spout from the handle so you can lift and tilt and, in my case, pour water all over yourself/drink. I purchased straws to go along with my bottle and they worked nearly perfectly. Perfectly as straws, not so perfectly because they weren’t totally made for my bottle, you know? They had to bend to be tucked into the bottle, not grossly so, but still. And the lid leaked something fierce. Not huge gushes of water but steady leaking and 64oz leaking is a LOT to leak into your bag or car or anywhere it has fallen to the side. Not a huge fan. The carrying bag though, that was smart. It has pockets and a strap and a nice cut out for the handle. Made from neoprene so it could help insulate your bottle and keep it colder for longer, it felt nice to my hands and it was great to have a place I could tuck my huge phone, a Samsung Note, and it be safe from falling out. While my fancy new bottle doesn’t have an extendible strap or pockets for my phone, it does fit inside the carrying bag, if I wanted to use them together. But my bottle is exceedingly pretty with the matte black bottle with glossy black leopard spots on it so I’m not going to cover that up.

I love large water bottles, going back to college and my Nalgene bottles. There is something that I really like about the ‘challenge’ of drinking “ALL” of the bigger bottles that I just don’t get with smaller, more bag friendly bottles. And its a laziness factor too, I just don’t want to be bothered by having to get the bottle refilled multiple times in a day. This way, I can just fill it twice and be all set! To be honest, the downside is the size though as there will NEVER be a cup holder for a car that accommodates this bugger so I use my 40oz Hydroflask for my car water and refill that one every other day.

To those worried about my drinking too much water – I promise, I’m not guzzling both at once, just working my way thru them steadily thru the day and my goal is perfectly in line with recommended volume for my weight and activity level.

My Pet Chicken. This is a website about, well, chickens and their supplies. M and I are starting our flock with 10 of their birds and I’ll share more about them in two weeks or so once they arrive. These are PET chickens to be found on this site and they see layer chickens as pets. Thankfully they have a lower minimum order number, only 3, and that is a great way to start. Now I ordered 10 (3 different varieties) but still, I like the lower minimum!* They have all different types of layer chickens and I really like how they describe and sort their chickens for those of us who are looking for a colourwheel of eggs. Oh, and they also have ducks and geese on the site…and we will have ducks and geese in May 🙂 For meat chickens, one needs to go to another site…

McMurray Hatchery has ALL the birds you are looking for, even the ones you didn’t know about. Because of their, to me, quite high minimum ordering number, only meat chickens have come from here. Our meat flock will be here in June

Backyard Chickens is forums and, while not a member yet, I have found the advice and tips here to be wonderful.

And now I am headed to SEATAC for a flight to Salt Lake City for training with my new company, another thing on my “really liking” list. I made a good decision to join them. More from the road…provided I can hang on to my phone this time thru SLC…

* Behold, Chicken Math beginning and they aren’t even here yet…