Yesterday was an amazing day for me.  Not for any particularly profound reason…actually yes, it was a very profound reason.  Yesterday, after just over 2 years of spinning, I finished the Intentions fibers.  Remember these ?


Yup.  All (nearly) done.  The last two, Perserverence and Strength are still on the bobbins waiting to be plied, hence the nearing/nearly completion/done parts but still, I cannot convey to you the feelings of…Power?  Amazingness?  Fulfillment?  Relief?  Emptiness?  Just the feelings that are flowing thru me right now.  For the first time in 2 years, I have an empty wheel and no idea what I want to (and that WANT is a new feeling too, far different from the ‘need’ to move to the next fiber in the series) put on it.  Those last two should sit for a few days, plenty of time for a whole new bump to slide through my fingers, but I haven’t a real idea what I want to spin next.  I’ve looked at my stash and picked up and put down bumps and braids countless times, all with the feeling of “Yes…No…Meh…No…Yes”.

For the most part, I took photos and jotted notes of my Intentional Journey along the way.  “Joy” is the exception to that rule.  I must have been so joy-ful in my spinning that I got wrapped up and clearly forgot to photograph anything except the finished yarn!  For a while there, I was posting the process and the photos here on the blog.  And then I moved and life got in the way and now I have a backlog that I am getting through 🙂  In the next few weeks, look forward to those posts and photos here, as well as my pleas for pattern ideas as what to do with the yarns themselves.

I must have been nuts to think I could do it all, and think mindfully about each, in a year.

3.75 pounds of Superwash BFL. 15 different colourways. 24 months.  Intentional thoughts and spinning.

I am so pleased with myself.