This morning, after talking to my sister and Mum in MI, I got online and started looking for foot races in/around their city.  They had just told me that they were no longer going to move down to Appleton, WI so this means that it was a change in venue for me.

And then I saw it:  The Marquette Marathon and Half on September 1st.

97 days.

15 weeks.

So I phoned J back and asked: “Do you want MORE stress in your life?”

She told me I sounded like a solicitor and started laughing and then said, “Sure, why not?”

And I told her my idea.  We run together in the Marquette Half.

How cool would that be?

M and I fly over there to visit J and J and the boys,

J and I run in the Half on 9/1 (because Mum laughed maniacally when we suggested a family run),

We visit more and then go home.

A perfect plan.

Except J isn’t a runner…at all.  It was the one thing she disliked about soccer and despite being the mom of a nearly 3 year old, she doesn’t run at all now.

But its 97 days…

And I’m not opposed to walking with her, should she need to.

I think it would be an amazing “thing” for us to do together because we are so different now (always were) that having this shared experience would be some really cool icing to our relationship.

I hope she is up for it.

I WANT her to be up for it!