So, I just realised that I have this…thing…for project bags.

It all started before I even had a project to put in a project bag.  All I had was this strip of beautiful Russian-themed fabric and no possible way to turn it into something wearable as it was 9.5″ wide and 16″ long.  I DID have a plain red canvas-like material that I could pair with it but still, what could I make from just those things?  Thats when I fell back on my old stand-by.  A bag.


It is simple, not entirely neat and one of the most used things that I own.  Those handles are bias tape.  I knew that I wanted handles but didn’t know how to use the buttonhole attachment of the sewing machine I was using at the time so just cut 4 little slits into the canvas side and used a safety pin to slide the bias tape between the layers and Voila!  I had handles to my bag.  A few weeks later I was fishing and needed a clip to keep the bag in place inside my overalls and the salmon tag pin you see there was added.  It came in quite useful as you can see.  Look to my right shoulder strap (left side in the photo).ImageSee the clip and the handle?  Thats me working on my Mums Rose Trellis Lace socks (in Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in the Rose Trellis colourway) while fishing up past Icy Point.  I would take out the socks between running gear and cleaning salmon and got them done in record time because my awesome little bag kept everything clean and to hand.  It is still one of my go-to bags when I am packing socks for a trip, especially if I am needing that clip!

But other bags have come into my life too and I love them with a passion because they are all very cool and wonderful to me.ImageFirst up is the hedgehog bag you can see on the left.  This was bag #2 and BrightonWoman made that for me from the leftovers from my “hug”(lap blanket) that she made for me post big breakup.  I use that bag for holding the sweater that I am working on now or for whichever of my projects is the largest.  It can hold a good deal, the whole back of a sweater plus part of a front AND an extra skein of yarn, and that means that it is my perfect “big” project bag. This bag usually stays at home and makes the transition from knitting corner to couch for the most part.

Bag #3 is the lemon bag in the middle.  I bought that from The Loopy Ewe and it is a Three Bags Full bag (etsy shop here).  So bright and sunny, I rarely find myself ‘searching’ for this bag and being so large, it generally holds M’s Socks-In-Progress…both of them!

Bag #4 is the hedgehog bag on the left and is a JessaLu bag that I wanted the first time I saw it.  She has an Etsy shop and an Artfire one (which is where I got that bag) and was a joy to buy from.  I absolutely LOVE her fabric choices and am very excited to see her upcoming Doctor Who update to both shops.   Again, this bag usually holds socks…usually mine or my mothers but most recently it was baby socks and baby blanket squares for my sisters newest bundle of joy, RGB.  Since my good friend A is expecting her 3rd in December, it very well may hold baby things again soon!

Which brings us to this week.  No, I do not have enough project bags because there are still projects that are naked and exposed and sans project bags.  Which is why I bought this one, again from The Loopy Ewe and again, a Three Bags Full bag.Image

ImageIts Sushi!!!  A gorgeous green with so many beautiful rolls that it makes me hungry just looking at it.  When I saw it during my weekly scan of TLE, I knew that it had to come to Washington and live with me.  M smiled when he saw it and since I know that he shares my love of the raw fish, I knew he would like this bag too.  Speaking of M, one of the up sides to having this plethora of project bags is ease on him.  He knows if I ask for “My knitting”, he can grab ANY of the bags and I will be happy.  If I ask for a specific bag, he can easily grab that one, Hedgehogs, Lemons, Russian or now, Sushi, and I will have my specific project.  Win-Win, especially since there are handknit socks involved!