On the first day of Christmas I was given the reminder that its the little things that you do that matter the most.  A gift from a residents daughter made me smile and remember that, while frustrating and exasperating some times, my residents are someones mother/father/sister/brother and, since family are unable to take care of them themselves, they are grateful to my co-workers and myself for doing so.  Gifts of sweets have covered the break room table since mid-month and this scarf was completely unexpected AND from a woman that I’ve never met!  I know her only as a signature on a calender on her mothers wall and I would bet a lot that she only knows me as “Pasta”, the name that her hard of hearing and highly forgetful mother calls me when she doesn’t quite remember or hear that my name is “Tasha”.


This second day of Christmas I am reminded of how grateful I am to have a little corner of the apartment as “mine”.  I have my chair set in the corner of the dining room next to my desk, shelves filled with yarn and inspiration, books, plants and hedgehogs to snuggle with.  It is a place where I feel secure and confident and can watch the birds and the rain from a safe, warm place.  Its a hug and it is what I make of it and I’m so glad I’ve got it.