Lucky me, I had to pick M up from the airport on the 30th and since we were so close to Seattle, and niece S wanted to go in anyway, we went to Uwajimaya, a HUGE asian supermarket. I found so many yummy things, a very cute present for M for Christmas and had a fun ferry trip back across towards home.


I have a few fond memories that many would call…odd…to say the least.  One of my most treasured memories is making calamari with my mum.  Now, I’m sure that some of you may have bought the pre-breaded calamari rings and either fried or baked them yourself but I am talking about making-from-scratch-including-the-dissection.

For some reason we had bought a box of squid (I’m sure I saw it and begged for it because it would be ‘fun’ to make it ourselves) and spent an afternoon cleaning, de-quilling, de-beaking, creating rings and making a squiddy feast.  I remember how she showed me how to do the cleaning so I would not burst the ink sacs and my curious mind actually focused on looking at the entrails and I won’t even talk about how excited I got when I cleaned a female squid full of eggs!  We made two different dishes and they tasted all the better because it was the whole experience that was savored.

Trust me, I do have a point here and it all links together:


This Holiday season, make a savory food memory with your kids.

Make a savory dish together that is partly fiddly, possibly hard to gather the ingredients for and required steps to make.  Include them in all the steps and take your time.

Do they like calamari?  Trust me, making your own from scratch is a fantastic memory.

Someday, when they are older, they might buy their own squid so they can repeat the experience themselves.  I know I did.