I’m knitting socks for M and these, these socks are flying thru my needles.  Aran/Worsted yarn on 3’s…perfect for mens socks and I’m to the heel already.

This is my first ball.  Now, as I started knitting these socks, I KNEW that there would be a yardage issue.  KNEW IT.  So, since there were not 2 skeins at the LYS that I visited, I bought the single skein, came home and promptly jumped on Ravelry to search for a second.  Yes, the dye lots would be different but for two different socks, I wasn’t all that fussed and I knew that M wouldn’t be either.  He has a second sock that is 1/3 another colourway for heavens sake…he loves them and its not a big deal.

I started my first sock toe-up so if I couldn’t find a second skein at the very least I would have two socks with matching toes and then switch at the same place for heels and legs.  Brilliant plan.

However, I got very lucky right off the bat and the lovely Sarah came to my rescue and she sent me her leftover skein from a hat that she had crocheted in 2009 and it arrived yesterday and I squeed and M cheered (he was happy not to have oddly striping socks again) and we opened the box.

Look!  Isn’t it lovely?  Isn’t it perfect?  Oh, I am so glad to have Ravelry and that Sarah was willing to part with her other skein!

But…take another look at those photos…do you see it?

Here, I’ll put them side by side:


See it now?

Yup, they are VERY different.  The new skein is much more green than the first and no where near the brown and seems to have much longer colour repeats.

Is this a problem?  Not at all.  We knew that there would be a very good chance that the colours would be slightly different since, of course, I was buying a skein of yarn circa 2009 to match my skein circa 2011 and since they would be making two different socks and since fraternal sock twins are embraced in this house, both M and I are happy, very happy, to have that second skein.

Want to know the REALLY interesting part though?  Take a look at the ball bands, particularly the part about colourway and dye lots:

2009 then 2011


Yup.  Identical.  Colour 1580, Dyelot* 38362

Curiouser and Curiouser.


*Interesting aside…”Parti” in Swedish = “Party” in English and I get this incredible visual of the hanks of yarn just having a party in their dye bath or the dyers just having the best time at work with music and dancing at the dye table.  Run along now and leave me to my delusions.