Fertility: Paving the way for new ideas, new life and new creation.

Started in April, Fertility seemed to have quite apropriate timing for its journey thru my fingers, wheel and mind.


Nelson Lagoon was starting to show signs of thawing as I finished and I was germinating ideas of my new life at the same time.


After “resting” for nearly 4 months before plying since I ply when I only have one bobbin left so there is generally a few days of ‘plying party’ in Chez Sisu which, as it happens, also included a huge move, it seemed odd to be thinking again about fertility.

And then I remembered…growth is always.  My growth is continual.

When I spun this yarn, I was living in my own house in Nelson Lagoon Alaska working as a Community Health Aide and it was April.

When I plied this yarn it was July, I was living in Hoquiam Washington with M and his mom and working at figuring out what the heck I was going to do next.

As I write this post it is November, I am living in our own apartment in Port Townsend Washington and I am working as a Certified Nurses Aide.

The only constant IS change and there will always be new ideas, new life and new creation…as long as we are willing to look for that other road…which may or may not be paved.

Not that that makes much difference in the end because there are always going to be bumps, wrong turns, U-Turns, stops, starts and going the wrong way on a one way, paving or no.

But the point is we have to be open to the idea for the newness of things,

for the possibility of change,

for the discovery of new passions and dislikes,

for life to stop being something that is happening and that we are living through and start being something that we are doing and that we are living.

For the growth that is essential to life itself to take place.

My hope for myself and for you?

Be ever changing.

Be growing.

Be fertile.