I have been temped, so very sorely temped, in these past few days to spend money on yarn.  Sheri at The Loopy Ewe just got in some Amazing colours in bases that I really enjoy and crave, especially the new line from Fiesta, Baby Boom Spirit of the Southwest, and wouldn’t a few skeins of that make some lovely socks?  I swear, just about each of those colourways could find a very loving home here with me.

And then I remember:  I have a few skeins of FBB that are waiting to be knit…2 of Surf, 2 of Alaska, 2 of Arctic Ice and 1 of Spring Chill to be exact.  Each was bought at a different time and for a very specific reason.

The Arctic Ice is to become the Rimefrost socks from Knitspot because it seems that I have more than a soft spot for Anne Hanson patterns since I knit Sprossling and have Bel-Air ready to be knit and would love to make a handful of her other patterns besides.  There is something about her patterns that just takes me away and makes me want to knit more of her functional lace…which is what I love about her patterns, the functional, sensible garment that have such beautiful lace in it.  Getting my copy of Rimefrost for my binder was the beginning of the love affair with Knitspot back in September 2009…but sadly, that is where that pattern has been since then.  Often looked at, often moved to the front of the binder but always moved back a bit to make way for something else.  The yarn sits in its icy-blue coldness staring at me from the sock yarn bin.

The Spring Chill came from a blog friend, Muddy Moose who was doing a de-stash back in February.  It was a special colour that was part of The Loopy Ewe club for March 2010 but there was just something that called to me in its blue-green-purple-cream amazingness that I offered to take it off her hands and, once she found it, she sent it on its way.  It was the perfect timing because I got the yarn just as spring began its slow creep into Nelson Lagoon…a process that takes more than a few months and I thought that I would have socks to celebrate the spring when it fully came on.  Other projects have gotten in the way though and the skein sits, completely forgotten, in the sock yarn bin.

Alaska came to me in December of 2008 for obvious reasons of being called “Alaska” and being a lovely blend of purple, blue and teal.  A very cold colourway and certainly says “Alaska” and reminds me of visiting the Mendenhall Glacier, knitting in front of another Southeast glacier in between running gear and wearing all of my cold-weather gear while walking in a blizzard with my best buddy M and still getting frosty eyelashes despite feeling toasty warm.Yet the yarn sits, untouched, in the sock yarn bin.




Surf called to me with memories of the waves lapping against the boat and made me thing of capturing the beautiful surf crashing against the beach in Nelson Lagoon that June of 2009But has yet to become anything other than beautiful string sitting in my sock yarn bin.


Why do I have the craving for more of something when I have never knit a stitch with what I have previously bought?

I don’t feel pressure of a “One Time Only!” or a “Limited Edition” or “Buy More”.

I’m not scared that some fluke of genetic nature will cause all the sheep in the world to lose their fuzz so I need to stockpile for the fleeceless apocolypse.

I’m not worried that the artists over at Fiesta or any other yarn company or indi dyer will go on strike or will encounter a world-wide shortage of dyes.

And I’m not limited to just the FBB.  I have some yarn from my very first Loopy Ewe order back in August of 2006!  To that end, I am SO on a yarn purchasing restriction.  Not a diet because we all know that diets never work, but a “Use It” mantra.  The pope isn’t coming to admire my beautiful collection of string and I’m not even Catholic to care but if I show off knit socks?  Everyone admires.

I bought these beautiful skeins because I wanted to wear them, not stare at them.

If you have the answers, I would love to hear it.  Until then, I’ll be here…

knitting a pair of Rimefrost socks in Fiesta Baby Boom in Arctic Ice and planning my next projects with my other FBB.

Because only then can I buy more.