As I begin my dive into a new craft, I have to wonder why I pick such   -ing expensive hobbies.

My shopping basket at Spoonflower holds $150 of merchandise.  Better than the $350 that it did before the paring, but still.  My KnitPicks cart has $597 and my cart at The Loopy Ewe has $130.  None of this $877 will be spent on a SINGLE constructed object however so that price in no way includes my time.  Granted, not all of the supplies will make something for me…in fact in the KnitPicks cart only $150 is for making me anything!

And then I remember…

It may cost $36 for the fabric for a skirt but it costs $38 for a basic, bottom-of-the-bin rock tumbler.

It costs at least $99 for scuba diving lessons.

A set of womens golf clubs are $600.

And I couldn’t even find a price for underwater basketweaving lessons but I bet its a combo of basket weaving class ($40) and scuba diving lessons ($99)…oh wait…I guess I can take that Underwater Basket Weaving course as close as Portland, OR.


I spend the money on my crafting supplies because they are a hobby but one that I take great pride in remembering that after enjoying playing around with said supplies, I MAKE something with those supplies.  Yes, those $600 golf clubs are only bought once but after you play a round, what do you have to take home with you?  If I buy $600 worth of fabric, I have a few outfits in the end.  If I buy $600 of wool to spin firstly I get to spin it and then I get to knit it and wear the outcome.  I get to see photos of cute kids in my knitwear.  I get to wear warm socks and sweaters and show off my creativity to just about everyone because, no matter who you are, knitter or non, if I tell you that I am wearing a sweater that I knit myself, you will take a moment to admire it and praise me for my industrious behaviour.  I don’t think that many Sunday golfers get that satisfaction when announcing their scores to non-golfers.

Will I buy those carts today?  Well, my Loopy Ewe cart has been there for over 6 months and considering the size of my sock yarn stash, I’m pretty sure that one is safe for a while.

The KnitPicks cart may get moved about a bit with more going to the “Wish List” to be bought at a future date when other projects get finished.

The Spoonflower cart?

Mine, all Mine.  And a great start to my new craft.