I love how things in my life go in cycles.  Yes, I understand that that is the way of things but aren’t you too surprised and excited when it actually happens like that?  We get all happy with fall colours and equally so with snow falling out the window, long hot days and spring crocuses; get excited to start grilling with the longer days and start making more soup with the shorter ones; celebrate 1st and 50th birthdays with vim and vigor…and so the cycles go.

Just recently I’ve been in the cycle of Old and New.  Being here in PT has been a “new” cycle but being with family as they explored here for the first time made me realise that I already am seeing the town with “old” eyes.  Not that there isn’t more to explore or that I’m not still finding the “new” on a daily basis…just that I recognise and remember ‘that shop’ and ‘those things’ and that I’m not seeing them for the first time anymore.  Part of me is sad for that and the routine part of me is rejoicing.  Rhythm is my life, (Name that movie if you can!) and I embrace it at all times…especially with my knitting 🙂  I’ve got a lot of projects going on and on going so hold onto your hats and take a look at the old and new!


This WAS going to be a pair of socks for Mike.  I’m just not feeling it, both the pink and the teeny needles (0’s/2mm) and 84sts around so into the frog pond it went and right back out again into…


The Non Stop Top for my eldest niece, E.  Size 4 needles, pink and black yarn and becoming a top she can wear nearly all year round here in WA and for at least a year because ribbing is so stretchy.  The masochism of miles of ribbing isn’t lost on me by any means…especially when I consider that I want to make at least 3 more for 2 nephews and one undetermined due at the end of February (my sisters #2)  It just means that a) I REALLY love these kinder and b) I’m going to get very speedy at ribbing.



New: DONE!



New: Started and about 1″ past the cuff…and then I realised why the cuff ribbing looked so loose on the first when compared to the second and why the striping looked backwards.  The striping was backwards…because I knit the first TOE UP and I started the second cuff down.  2″ into the sock, I don’t care that much and since the socks were to be fraternal anyway (I’m not picky enough to match stripes), this would be just fine.  They are my purse socks now and I want them done since its getting colder here.



Um, so this would be the argument for knitting socks toe-up and two at a time when using a new-to-you brand of yarn and knitting for large footed persons.


A hybrid of new and old…I had enough Opal in 6ply that matched in weight that it would work and I am knitting as fast as I can to try and get this last pair done for tomorrow for Mikes Birthday.


Fun fur was all the rage back in the late 90’s and I distinctly remember trying to knit with it and HATING every moment of that scarf…which has been, thankfully, misplaced.


Can you tell what this will be?

How about now?

Its a hedgehog hot water bottle cover of my own design!  He will have button eyes and a cute brown nose and I am so excited that I made this.  Again, its kind of a blend of old and new…I’ve had hot water bottles for as long as I can remember and while some have been ‘naked’, there have been some very cute sheep covers, last years platypus and now, the hedgie!  The other old part was that I still didn’t like knitting with the fun fur but the effect was well worth the cursing.


An ivory crochet hook that I was given.  It feels very warm and slightly heavy to work with but I really love its simplicity and beauty…so much so…


…that I found a set at Goodwill…


…and started a project to make a simple striped blanket in pretty colours…

New: …but I also started a project using something unique that I have wanted to try for a long time…

…plarn.  Plastic bags cut into strips and then using the strips as the medium to crochet with.  I am making a bag with my bags 🙂

New/Old:  I don’t think that there will be much more crochet in my future after this.  Its not as fun to me as knitting and like I said back in Feb 2010, its just not the craft for me.  I learned how to do it because a patient asked for help in reading crochet patterns.  I said that I could help her but figured that it would be easier to help if I knew the motions that were being asked for so I got a book and learned…and I’ll stick with my needles.

New: And speaking of needles…yesterday I went to Port Angeles to buy the second skein of Fun Fur for the hedgehog and also to buy a wireless router.  You can see from the above that I found the Fun Fur but I also found the router:

and drove home, stopping at Goodwill on the way because I wanted to find a bookshelf for the apartment.  No dice on the bookshelf, however, I did find this:


6oz of pencil drafted roving to spin.  From the hand and the staple, I’m thinking Icelandic wool.  I’ve never spun it so we’ll see how it goes but I think the colours will blend really nicely!

And then there was also this:

A late 1950’s/early 60’s Sears Kenmore sewing machine with all the stitch die.  Found on Ebay ranging from $30-150 usd.  Bought at Goodwill in perfect working order: $10

New: The birth of a new hobby.  You saw it here first!