I distinctly remember when my mum would use this tone of voice (in the title) on me.  Part curious, part scared to find out, part expecting greatness, part expecting disaster…its amazing all the ‘parts’ that can make up our tone of voice, isn’t it?  I feel like I need to do, well, more than a bit of catching up with you, my gentle reader, so here it comes!

#1: Training

There have been a few types of training in my life over the last few weeks.

a) Running:  I have been doing a great deal of running, most important for me was the Seattle Marathon 10k that I ran on 8/27, the Saturday before my 30th year ending.  I ran it in 1:02 and for me, that was a HUGE accomplishment.  I have plans to run 15k of the  Point Defiance 50k (1 loop of the trail) in October and the hills around PT will really help me train successfully for that.


b) Certified Nurses Aide:  The second kind of training has been as a CNA.  Sadly none of my Health Aide training means squat here in WA except as experience so, to be seen as a functional member of the health care team, I had some training to do…6 weeks of it 🙂  I worked at a nursing home/rehab center and learned the ins and outs of providing basic care for someone and I have to tell you, it was both challenging and highly rewarding.  It was harder for me to work with the elderly patients with demetia than it has been to work with anyone else and I’ll tell you why:

They have lead full lives and had a myriad of experiences that they can’t easily share with anyone and are slowly becoming prisoners of their own mind.  With children there is the potential for the future but nothing says that they won’t be the next serial killer vs Nobel Prize winner.  With these patients/residents…wow…there is so much there…so much that they want to share but there is this block that is frustrating to them because it spoils EVERYTHING and takes away from who they are and reduces them to someone they don’t really recognise but feel that they should and…

Well, you get the picture…it was hard for me.  Rewarding but hard work.  Not difficult by any means, but hard nonetheless.  Graduation was on Friday and I’m registered to take the state test in November in Port Angeles.

#2: Moving

I swear, I need to buy my Mum a new address book with replaceable tabs because she must be running out of “C” pages because of me.    Maybe this one?

Anyway, after interviewing for a job, Mike and I decided that whether or not we got THAT job, we were moving to Port Townsend.  As we turned onto WA-20 at Discovery Bay we both felt immediately like we had found THE place we wanted to be.  Lucky for us, we got the job and are managing a 24 unit apartment complex on the outskirts of PT.  Lucky for me, the apartments are 2 blocks from the hospital (which is hiring CNA’s) and there are multiple assisted living/retirement/rehab centers within a 6 block radius (also hiring CNA’s).  See the hospital?

This was taken with me standing in the road directly in front of our apartment.  That would be Whitby Island in the background.  We are finally here full time after 2 weeks of backing and forthing of me finishing training and Mike splitting time working up here and being down in Hoquiam to pick me up with a nights sleep between the 3 hour drives, complete with hauling 2 truck loads of our stuff.  Sisu helped with the driving.

We have furnished the house with nearly all secondhand stuffs, the bed being the exception, and I’ve got to say that I love it all.  Some of it, the couch notably, is an interesting blend of old and shocking and awesome craft-womanship.  Mikes Grandma made the cover that you see and the original is a rose pink boucle with silver strands woven in.  I think we’ll stick with this blue flower for now but its possible that the pink will come out!!

#3: Exploring!

I cannot begin to give you an accurate picture of all the goings on around here but I will tell you that we have been to the farmers market twice (Saturdays from 9-2) and this past weekend went to the Wooden Boat Festival. 

We had a blast looking at all the boats and imagining what our life would be like sailing about and how we could make it a future for ourselves.  No definitive plans as yet but I’ll keep you posted 🙂

One of the most random and fun things that I found around here was that people grow an interesting plant for its flower.  Can you ID this plant? 

Hint:  I nearly choked on my gum when I saw it.


#4: Waiting

Today was all about the waiting.  My mum told me that she had send a box to my FedEx and since this is a new place to me and I’m not quite sure when the post or packages come, I wanted to wait and be sure to be here for the delivery and boy, am I glad I was!







Colin helped with the decorating of the box but it was the goodies inside that are really priceless!

A lot of my favourite things (Sour Cherry Blasters, Bovril, candles, books  and cute undies), some photo cards that I had fogotten I bought YEARS ago in Canada, a Tech-Tee from Jinny and (Not pictured because I’m a twit who forgot to get the photo) a HUGE Hedgehog stuffed animal like this one 🙂

Mine is cuter though AND came wrapped in an IKEA hedgehog blanket that I thought that I had lost or given away years ago.  I’m so glad that I was wrong and I couldn’t have been happier with my gifts.  Thanks a million times over to Mum, Jinny, John and Colin for my amazing gift!


#5 Crafting

Well, this is going to have to wait until the next post, mainly because I have yet to take photos of everything I’ve been working (and not working) on lately.