Things have been hopping here in SisuGirl-land…

Mike and I took Sisu to a dog park a few days ago and while she amused herself by chasing a mouse, we laughed over the signage.

I love signs like this.

We also took a drive one fine afternoon and ended up a but further than we expected…

Thats what can happen when you aren’t really travelling with a destination in mind!

I’ve been training for the Pasta Dash that is coming fast (next week!!!) and I am thrilled with my new piece of workout wear:

Its a running skirt/skort from RunningSkirts and I LOVE IT so very much.  It gives me just that little extra bit of coverage over my rear so I don’t feel so exposed.  Generally, my feelings towards workout gear is that I’m wearing X and working out and don’t care what you think because this is for me.  Unfortunetly, that attitude doesn’t make me feel less ogled when running past men but, surprisingly, wearing a skirt does.  The compression shorts underneath are perfect and stay in place and then the skirt over the top doesn’t ride either but gives that extra bit of coverage so you don’t see the shorts moulded to my rear…

See?  It also helps that its summery and cute and the colours means that it will go with everything in my workout closet 🙂

And speaking for workout closet…I’ve decided to ‘move’ with my life in a slightly new direction.  I have really enjoyed my (continuing) weight loss journey with my buddy and I feel that I would be a great motivator and helper for others to do the same so I have started a new course of study and certification…to become a ACE certified Personal Trainer.

You can look forward to seeing more about this as I work through the books and delve deeper into and onto this path.  I’m wondering if I should start up a new section of the blog for it…got any input, fair reader?

Continuing on the fitness line:  I finally did something that I have been thinking about for a long while now…



Points to the first person who can tell me a) Why I have 6 large stars and b)Why the first star is teal and the second star is pink.

I’ll think of some awesome prize for you, I promise!  And I’ll explain everything in tomorrows blog post…cause there is a lot on my mind that needs OUT.

Also on the busy adventure front…I am starting some other new training tomorrow too.  I’m becoming a Certified Nurses Aide for the state of Washington.  There is a great need for caregivers and this is a great start for me here in WA.  Send happy thoughts 🙂