Sometimes, I swear, this blog writes itself.

Other times I realise that its been over a week without posting and that I have these millions of thoughts and ideas and



Lets start with our visitors, shall we?

Right now, Mike and I are living with his mom in Hoquiam, WA.  Its a quiet place that is very laid-back with very little really going on but for me in my transition time, this is perfect.  I still feel a bit overwhelmed at the grocery store but I’m getting to feel more secure and less…explode-y…around large groups of people who I don’t know.  One of my favourite things about being here though is that there are trees and forest just within reach.  A short drive or hecl, even a walk puts us into undeveloped lands which brings me to our visitors.  In most every North American city you will find cousins of my visitors, officially named Procyon lotor but more commonly known as…


We first met one afternoon when I was washing dishes and happened to look up and see the stripy tail poking out at me from under the bush.  Lucky for me, this one waited for me to dry my hands and grab my camera before turning to face me for a while.  After a snack of bird food, ring-tail wandered away and the dogs were intensely interested in that area when they went out for potty-breaks.

And then a few weeks went by and there was next to no sign of them…

and then they came back…

with babies…

My poor Sisu has been going crazy trying to figure out how to deal with these invaders, especially since Mamma Coon has an extreme aversion to having her babies smelled by the ‘Su.  She managed to tree a litter of 3 in the backyard a few days ago and couldn’t decided who was of more interest, Mamma Coon on the other side of a fence or Coon Kits up in the tree.  I helped a bit by ‘watching’ (photographing) the kits while she barked at a ticked-off Mamma but sadly none of those shots came out and retreat was the only sane course of action.  The next day a different Mamma came through the front yard with her two kits and stopped just alongside the driveway for a photo opp.  I got within 5′ and snapped about 20 shots before, with little discussion…

they wandered off to go be raccoons.

Remember last week when I told you about the Romedale X roving I just bought

and how touching it and seeing it made me want to pull out my wheel and spin RIGHTNOW?

Well, I did unpack my wheel and I did start spinning this last week but the best laid plans vague ideas of mice and Tashies oft go awry…so its no surprise that this one did too!

I had fully intended on finishing Intentions: Hope and then beginning this lovely Romedale.


Well, I did finish the I: Hope but then I was completely called Inspired by Intentions: Inspiration


You can see that ‘Hope’ is there on the top left and sadly, that is the only photo I have of it in progress.  Ah well, there is always the plying to photograph and trust me, the plying will come soon.

Fertility and Healing have been “resting” for a while now so they are in perfect shape to N-ply*first and second and by that time Hope will be ready to go and then Inspiration!

Which only leaves me with Joy, Love, Patience, Peace, Perseverance and Strength to go…

And just 6 weeks to go until my 30th birthday.  Holy Crickets.

We won’t talk about that right now…lets talk about another looming deadline, my 101 in 1001.

Ok, lets no look too hard at that list because it shows a bit too much of my delusional side…but lets focus on #34: Run 2-5k’s

Now, I’ve run 3.1 miles before…I’ve even run 6.2 (10k) but never in a real race with official sign-ups or anything.

And here is where my Intentions: Inspiration came in because I was totally inspired to make the leap and sign up for my first official run.

The Pasta Dash begins August 7th at 6pm at the Olympia Farmers Market and if you’re free, I’d love a cheering section and I’m sure Mike would love your company!

To show further proof of my insanity, I’ll tell you about the other races that I’m thinking about:

Seattle Marathon 10k August 27th

Iron Girl Seattle 10k September 11th

Seattle Marathon Half Marathon November 27th

(Yes, the SM 10K is in August and the Marathon itself is in November; No, I have no idea why)

I’m really wondering if I can do a 10K before my birthday though.  I need to get out onto the track and see how I do and if I would be able to train fully for a 10 k in 5 weeks…any one out there have advice?  I’d appreciate it!

* You have to** let your single rest for a while on the bobbin before plying (twisting it with itself or another piece of wool) or else it can be too twisty and kink up while you try to ply.  This leads to much cursing and possibly tears.  Since, while N-plying, you are only working with the one single and forming a chain ply, I find that the more rest and relaxation the single has to “know” its new twisted form, the better I am able to ply sans cursing.

** “Have to” is totally negotiable.  I know people who ‘always’ and people who ‘never’ rest before plying.  For me, I “Have To” when it comes of Navajo/Chain plying but its negotiable for everything else.