Its been a while since I’ve told you about my WIP’s so its time to ‘fess up.

I have more socks on the needles than I would care to admit…but I will….also show you photos of my 4th weekend to lessen the shock.

First up…Wedding Socks for Mum.

Rather, the Wedding Sock and cuff.  I had originally intended these to be mailed before April 25th and be working on my matching pair during the wedding itself.  Yeah, I was THAT delusional.

Yarn: Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock in Royal Wedding, the April 2011 special colourway.

Needles: KP’s Nickel DPN size 0 (2mm)

Oh Look!  There is a beautiful hydrangia in bloom in the yard!  Did you know that you can change their colours depending on the pH of the soil?

Next up are my IBS socks, so named because a friend (IBS) from Ravelry sent me the yarn as a Thank You for helping her find a Knit Picks order that had gone astray. 

While I am normally quite dilligent about casting on for the second sock directly after the first comes off the needles, this one was a bit different.  I used US 1.5 (2.5mm) needles for the cuffs of the Royal Wedding socks and then US 0 (2mm) for the rest and the IBS sock needles 1.5’s were the only other needles I had to hand since my others are still packed as packaging for my wheel.  SO…when I finished the first IBS sock, I had to wait to finish the first Royal Wedding sock so I could then start the second Royal Wedding sock with my 1.5’s and THEN switch to the 0’s and use the 1.5’s on my IBS socks.  Granted, its been a few days since I got to the second leg of the Royal Wedding sock and I still haven’t started the second IBS…

OH Look!  A Hummingbird!

Did you know there is a yarn store in Aberdeen, WA?  Thanks to Ravelry, I did!

It is The Yarn Corner and while looking slightly disheveled at the moment while the owner is going thru chemo, it has great selections and I made one 🙂

I had been wanting to try Tofutsies for a while now and when I saw this colour…well, the pink just spoke to me.  Its #806 and while I hate that SWTC doesn’t give the name on the label, it does on the website and my #806 becomes “Wiggle your Toes”.  I am really liking working with this yarn and as soon as I get thru this pair, I’ll give a full review of it here.  They are supposed to be socks for Mike but I may commandeer them.  There were also needles bought at The Yarn Corner too…I needed them because what good is new yarn if you haven’t the tools to knit it?  More on that later but more specifically, these are Crystal Palace 5″ bamboo 0’s and while I like how light they are, I hate their bendy-ness and the dull tips.  I’ll use them for these socks and then they’ll go up for sale or trade or in a giveaway 🙂

Oooohhhh…Look at how the light is caught in the spiderweb!!!

Mike and I spent our 4th with an Army buddy of his and his family who live in Gig Harbor.  We had a fantastic time and I learned a new skill from the Army buddies’ AMAZING wife:  Wire Crochet.

C really enjoys beading and teaches classes and when she found out how crafty I am, she thought it would be fun to teach me and she was SO right!

She showed me how, gave me the wire and beads and set me to work.

That night, I had a beautiful new necklace, a new skill and a new friend.  Thanks C!!

Because of them and the drive to their house, I also have a new yarn shop that I just love and will have to take C to next time we visit.

It helps that she also wants to learn to knit 🙂

It is:

(Click on photo to go to the shop page)

And I bought 5oz of this beautiful fawn coloured Romedale Cross from my sales lady Lois’, who I think may be the owner too, sheep.

Totally makes me want to unpack my wheel right now…and I think I will later today.

This beautiful earthenware button was done by Terry Nokell, aka “The Loggers Daughter”, a local artist.

Remember me talking earlier about needing to buy needles to go with my new sock yarn?

Yeah…it happened again…

I really, really have been wanting to try these Kollage square needles for a while now and there have been a pair in my basket over on The Loopy Ewe for just ages…

…but Lois had them in the store and I couldn’t resist.


Locally handyed sock yarn just makes me salivate and in more “Boy” colours makes for better socks for Mike too.

And speaking of “boy colours”…

Lois also had Waikiwi yarn that would look very nice together with coordinating cuff, heels and toes.

It helps that I have been really wanting to try this yarn too 🙂  The possum content is what really attracted me…

FYI:  There is a MAJOR difference between the New Zealand Possum and the Opossum that Western Hemisphere readers will know.

In NZ, the possum is a major ecological pest and does major damage to the native ecosystem as it was an introduced species from Australia

While I am very anti-fur and think fur coats look better on the animal than any human, this is my one exception, especially since the critter is just so darn disastrous.

Well, that and the fact that Lois said that an employee who is a very tough sock yarn reviewer just loves it and says it holds up really, really well.

OH LOOK!!  Another hummingbird!

And some lavender!

Its a good thing I saw the lavender…its great for keeping moths away and man, do I have a potential feast for them!

Its a good thing that I passenge while Mike drives because otherwise I wouldn’t have half the knitting time that I do 🙂