To start with…expect a longer load time because this is going to be very photo heavy!  32 to be exact but it is worth the wait 🙂

Second, this is Sisu’s post…and her perspective is a little different than mine but not by much!  I had to take the photos since she is still working on that oppositional thumbs deficiency.

Oh the places we have gone…

Mum and Dad knew I would be missing the beach and my long frolics on the sand but lucky for me, there is a HUGE swath of Pacific Ocean not far away AND I even get to ride in the car!!

Did you know sand could be fine and so light?  I didn’t and you should see me tearing off after those pesky seagulls…just like back in Nelson Lagoon 🙂

I had to pose with my people…

but its too bad that Mum didn’t have her camera to hand just after this.  Dad told me “OK” and usually that means that I can run again…so I did…directly towards a large moose-like thing with a person on its back.  Mum and Dad yelled at me to come back so I didn’t get a good sniff but maybe it will be there next time.


Mum keeps buying things that  I have absolutely no interest in at all.  Nearly every day she and dad are stopping at this not fun place where I have to stay in the car and then they come back and Mum is talking so much about how cheap and fresh and amazing the fruits and veggies are.  Silly Mummy.


But the icky thing shop is right next to the yummy smelling meat place and both Mum and Dad are sure to pick up a small snack for me each time too when we are out and about and we get out a lot!

They are also taking me everywhere with them…

Well…nearly everywhere.  Last week Mum and Dad left me with Grandma while they went to see Grandpa.  Before they left I showed them that I could jump onto a brick post 3.5′ high and then jump out of the front garden.  Can you blame me?  I didn’t want to get left behind!  Grandma bribed me with treats to go back inside and actually, it was fun to be with her and Bailey, my aunt-dog, for the week.  Grandma took us everywhere with her in the car and I got more treats than Mummy gives me.  I had so much fun and even was letting Grandma sleep with my Tigger too.

What did Mum and Dad do?  Well, they smelled like cats when they got home so that was the reason that I wasn’t allowed to go with them.  Good thing they are MINE and not up for adoption by any felines!  Mummy said they went to “Scablands” which doesn’t sound very pretty but she was really excited about it.






Mummy was in ecstacy over the colours that she saw and she was writing a whole bunch in her idea book when she got home.  She said it was awazing to know that this was hiding just off the beaten I-90 and it is how she imagines the Grand Canyon and the deserts of the southwest to look but on a smaller scale.  And further north.

There was one day that Mum, Dad and Grandpa went touristing in a place called Levenworth.

No wonder it felt like they were gone for so long…Kansas is a LONG drive!  Good thing they both came back.




There were some funny hats to try on.

Fun for everyone!



Even Grandpa got into it! 


Meanwhile…I was at home…patiently waiting…


Watching the wildlife…




Waiting for our next car trip because I have finally figured out my perfect chin placement.

My people don’t need arm-rests as much as I need a chin-rest.

I got to go touristing with my family this week and Mum said they had good weather.

‘Good weather’?


Well, considering where we went, it was good weather for the supposed residents!

While I wanted to meet some wolf-y cousins, my people were more in it for the scenery than the tours so this photo is the only touristing they did.


Though there was a waterfall…

And we did stop to see some big trees along the way.

Well…I really got to know the trees while Mum and Dad poked about in the nearby bushes.

Blech!  More things I don’t like to eat!

In non-touristing news…

Mummy got her toes painted a shockingly bright “Neon Watermelon”

And it matches the pink in the yarn she is using to make Daddy socks

We make a good team, the three of us on our car trips.

Mum knits and navigates…

Dad drives…

And I help them both!