Rainy days are perfect for doing things.  For me, it was putting the final touches on packing.

Because Sisu has such a large kennel and I am travelling alone, a backpack is the smartest method of shlepping my stuff from airport to motel and back again.  However, I realised something today…A backpack holds MUCH less than a suitcase does.  Now, this sounds like a rather obvious observation but somehow, through the weeks of planning, this simple fact had totally escaped me.  Hence the presence of the pink tote.  And actually, this is a good thing since there was no way that I could fit my pillow in the backpack too.  I knew that I would have a leftovers box…I ALWAYS have a leftovers box.  Dog toys…speakers for my iPod…DVD’s…vitamins…leftover socks…odd knitting needles…clothes that don’t fit in the pack and, of course, my pillow.

The pack is packed with everything except bathroom stuff which is organised and ready to go too.  The house feels so empty but I am actually liking the feeling, except for one thing…well…two things…

  My only projects.  I cannot describe my feeling of slight dread at only having these two socks to work on.  They are both the first of the pair and I have the feeling that they are going to be done and I will be sitting here or on the plane twiddling my thumbs.  Cross your fingers for me.