I love sour things.  Usually, the more sour, the better.


Today, things got sour here in Nelson Lagoon.  A week ago we were told that there was a water shortage and that we, as a community, needed to conserve water.  We won’t talk about why we ran short on water but, suffice it to say, there was a MASSIVE oversight and dropping of the ball that allowed this to happen.  I, being the thrifty person I am, reduced my laundry, started taking showers every other day and only did dishes every other day.  I also filled a large soup pot, pitcher and my 4c measuring cup, as well as my water bottles.  Today, my preparations came to good use.  As of 11am, Nelson Lagoon is out of water and the pump that we desperately need is still in Anchorage.

I hate living without running water in a 21st century house.  Its really harder than you think and takes a little maneuvering to get just right.  The clinic closed at 1130 because without running water, we have a limited number of procedures we can perform, not to mention the difficulty inherent in hand washing!  This means that my weekend started early…not such a good thing for me with the house in relative shambles, crap weather and very little left to do in the next 6 days.  So thats my Lemon for today.


As much as I’ve been wondering about my “Mary Sunshine”/optimistic attitude and its origins…I am so glad that I have it today.

I decided to do my final packing.

My yarn and fiber has been packed around my wheel and the box is nearly sealed for mailing.

I have my Intentions yarn and fiber in a separate box to mail priority rate because the very last thing that I want to have as a chance happening is the loss of nearly a year of work, thought and spinning.

I have my “Leftovers” tote nearly packed too though I am having issues thinking of my pillow being gone for the next week.

Last but not least…my computer.  I’m sitting here trying to think of how I can either drag this post out or make it extremely special since the packing of my iMac is really a big deal for me.  It makes things completely “real” for me…the move is ACTUALLY going to happen very, very soon.  Very.

So things are finally packed and ready for the mail.  I never thought that I would rely on the USPS as my moving company but thats one of the fun things about Alaska!


Now that things are packed, I am starting to clean.  Washing windows, dusting sills, running the vacuum…the only thing that I CAN’T do is scrub the tub.

And that can wait…I HATE cleaning the tub/shower.