Hope is important.  In my life, it is the hope for a more beautiful tomorrow that really keeps me going.  That is not to say that today isn’t wonderful and brilliant but, if you think about it and for me, every ‘next day’ IS more beautiful than the last simply because it is the next and holds all sorts of untold and potentially amazing adventures.  Of course, it could also be rather bland but that is OK too.


Someday soon I am going to have to track down exactly when I became such a Pollyanna…I’m becoming annoyed with me.


The past two weeks for me have been about my hope for a future out of Nelson Lagoon.  Not that this place and the people here are not beautiful and perfect for what and who they are…they are, for certain, and I will love and miss them each in their own ways.  But there is something calling me…

And that voice always means one thing for certain:


Ok, so this isnt my ideal amount of “stuff” but bear with me here since one of the green and one of the grey are Ms’ leftovers so those don’t even count!  The others are mine though and I claim them 🙂  One grey is linens…2 sets of sheets, a quilt and a duvet.

One of the green is books, a few fiction that I adore, cookbooks that get a weekly if not daily workout and knitting books that I refuse to live without.  I had a few others packed for sentimental reasons but have decided to share them.  Whats the point of a great book if you hide it?

The blue has two suitcases in it and those have my shoes, dress clothes and my sleeping bag.  Those things cannot be pared any more…I’m already sending shoes to my mum!

The other green has food stuffs that would not be easy to re-buy.  Most are specialty from the UK so are totally worth the shipping charge.  Also in the box are my kitchen utensils that I really love and don’t want to re-buy, my mugs that are special to me and the flatware of my childhood.

The last grey is my fragile box.  Inside are glass balls and Marsali…both packed with copious amounts of egg carton foam and bubble-wrap that I virtuously left un-popped.  There are also my framed prints and Christmas decorations.  Since there are only 2 prints and I have just a small tree with only lights and no decorations, I don’t feel the need to pare there either.

Left to be packed?








Just a few bags and skeins of fiber-y goodness 🙂  Honestly though, those become the “packing material” for my wheel.  I never have been more grateful that I kept a box in my life.  The wheel fits in and all the contents of those totes go-round and keep each other safe during shipping.  Yes, I insure the box heavily…after a quick inventory, I have well over $700 in spinning fiber alone and most of those are unrepeatable colours.  This doesn’t even cover the yarns so yes, there is major insurance.  I also insure the computer box, another box that I am glad I kept (but I knew that I would be moving when I bought it so I kept it on purpose) and, for the first time, I am insuring a separate tote because that will have my laptop in it, along with other odds and ends.  Those things will go out on Tuesday the 7th.

Finally left?  My backpack with clothes and Sisu with her kennel.  I know that I can’t manage her kennel, her on a leash AND a suitcase AND a carry-on so I’m down to my red backpack as a carry on (complete with Kindle, iPod and knitting) and my large backpack as my luggage.  When I get off the plane in Anchorage I can zip-tie one backpack t’other and Roberts my mothers brother!  Hand free to leash the Su’ and manage the unwieldy kennel.

So where does “Hope” come in?

I hope I can get thru Intentions: “Hope” before I have to pack my wheel.

I hope that I haven’t overlooked something key.

I hope that, while leaving my buddy is painful, the inspiration of my own possibilities carries me thru.

I hope that I remember that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t really a train, though I may feel like I’ve been hit by one.

I dwell in Hope…