Intentions Faith:  Trusting that there is something greater than yourself at work in your life.

I don’t doubt this for a second and I honestly can say that I never have.  I know that there is something larger than myself working on my path and that is why I can look behind me and see how everything has fallen neatly into place.  Granted, there have been more than one occasion when I have wondered where I was going or if my navigator had turned the map wrong-side up…but I have never doubted that there was a path for me to take and that eventually it would become clear to me.  Hindsight being 20/20 and all that, it would just take a little while before I could see the reasons for whatever was going on.

Does this mean that I am not responsible for where I am going and the happenings along the way?  Oh hell no.  Of course I am responsible for every twist and turn!  Each step is my own and I take those steps.  I liken it to visiting the opthamoligist…

“Is it better one or two?


“Two or three”


“Three or Four?”

“Again please?”

“Three or…”


Each selection is completely my own but it is that greater power that is turning the knobs helping ME to dial in my best outcome.  Sure, s/he is the doctor and s/he writes the words on the paper that become my lenses but without me saying ‘A is better than B’…well, I would be well and truly blind and there wouldn’t be a thing they could do about it.  I have to make the choices while they are the guide.  Such is the way with my life.

“Go Here or there?”


“Do this or that?”


“Have it one way or another?”

“Again please?”

And so it goes and has always gone.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

“I’ve never failed at anything.”

I’m nowhere near the path that I thought or intended to be on but, in hindsight, that is a darn good thing because the journey I am taking is far beyond anything that I would have ever imagined.

But still…

Despite my knowing this, I’m still scared of what the future may hold.

Of taking that next big step with my partner.

Of the reflection in the mirror of this stranger.

And then a flash of teal catches my eye…and I remember who I am.

Who I have always been.

Will always be.


A woman with the courage to keep making paths and plans for herself despite the fact that she has never set a foot on a set path or done anything “planned”.

A woman who has the faith that something greater is working in her life and that someday she’ll be able to look back and realise how it all beautifully fell into place.

“Every man is the maker of his own fortune”*

And this SisuGirl will not only plan her next adventure but continue to remember that when it doesn’t work the way she planned that it was not a failure but just a piece in the puzzle and someway I’ll see the whole picture for the masterpiece that it is.

*Motto of The Duke of Sto Helit (Mort‘s predecessor…literally), the Latatian Phrase of the title and not a bad thing to remember in general.