I love mornings.

When I wake up there are those moments of pure bliss as I realise that there is another day ready to be enjoyed and today was no different.  Some days, I just lay there and listen to the birds excitedly discussing their plans for the next 24 hours; the ravens mimicking the sounds of meowing cats, water drops and ‘talking’ dogs, the millions of little wren-like birds twittering without the 120 character limit, the calling of the seagulls hailing the coming of their courting season and soon, the call of the “Oh Dear Me” birds, whose plaintive song always makes me smile, despite their sad name.  Those listening days are best when I have my someone to snuggle against; stealing his warmth in exchange for the blankets that he wraps himself burrito-style in.   Other days, I just can’t wait to leap up and peek thru the curtains to see what awaits me.  Dazzling blue or solid grey, it is a new beginning that is to be savored for the singular experience that it would become.

There is a peace that I feel in listening and watching the world come to awareness again that has no parallel.

The best mornings are those when I cannot stay inside…

A gorgeous glow on my living room wall leads to a peek out the window followed by quick dash back to the bedroom where I grab the nearest pair of trousers and sweatshirt, slip into tennies and, joined by my usual pack of dogs, head to the dawn.

Because of the chilly spring wind, it feels like the sun is reluctant to get out of her bed today…

But the colours she displays right before the big reveal always take my breath away and cause me to forgive her…and remind myself that it was I who forgot my coat.

Then she is here.  Illuminating me, both body and soul.

As I stand there, reveling in glorious colour and promise, I wish that I had 2 things:  A mug of coffee to warm my fingers and a friend to share this beautiful moment with.

A nudge to my thigh makes me smile.

I only really need the coffee.