“People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…or masturbate in daylight.”

~Bo Burnham in Words, Words, Words

While the above is very good advice, sometimes we need to ignore it  and to do so takes great courage, faith and fertility.

Yes, I know that that statement will now require exposition…deep breath…I’m ready.

Sometimes what needs to be said, just needs to be said, regardless of possible consequences, because, well, It Needs To Be Said.  Give your gut some credit.  You wouldn’t be bursting at the seams if there wasn’t reason for it!  Same thing goes for that “thing” that needs to be done.  You feel it needs to be done for a reason.  Yes, its scary sometimes to just say or do it but put your big girl panties on and DO IT!  You’ll feel better for doing that which was needed and that which you were called to do.

That would be the courage part.  I need to remember that.  I also need to remember that it also applies to just about darn near everything in my life, from knitting to running to relationship to cooking to spinning.  So I’m working on not being overwhelmed with the idea of re-writing a pattern, getting out there again despite the wind, remembering that love is not an ever fixed mark, making a prime rib because its Friday and sitting at my wheel despite my feeling like I’m ages behind on my self-imposed “Intentions”.

I also also need to remember that I have never failed.  At anything.

That would be the Faith part.  I have great faith in myself that I can do anything, make the best of something and handle everything.  Some of it takes some learning, tears and inordinately tightly knit rows while I deal, but nothing has been more than I can handle.  Yes, I am knocking on wood as I type.  I also re-wrote the pattern for a childs vest into one adult sized, ran 3 miles in 33 minutes yesterday, daily loving my M more and more, still celebrating that I made a killer prime rib 2 weeks ago and spun thru the last 2oz of Courage on Friday, all 4 oz of Faith on Saturday and Sunday AND am finished Fertility last night.  Yes, I also realise that its a bit self-centred of me to think mainly about my abilities when Intentions defines Faith as: Trusting that something greater than yourself is at work in your life.  But trust me, I KNOW that there is something greater than me working in my life and it is thru trusting entirely in that higher power and the strength that I gain thru my faith that I am able to take the leaps and bounds that I do; stretching my limits each day.

And that would be the Fertility part.  Being open to new growth and change in yourself.  For me, it has nothing to do with babies…except…maybe it does.  For me, being Fertile means focusing on those ‘baby” ideas and feelings and thoughts that need to be nurtured and given plenty of TLC so that they can grow into great big plans and photographed events.  Its those spring shoots of ideas that become my plans and, if I’m honest, make up the majority of what I’ve done and plan to do in the future.  Part of me feels like it is still winter, both in my location and in my mind.  There is only 1 I have any control over so mentally I have to take the plunge and send out those little shoots of ideas and plans to see what happens to them next.  Maybe they will get frozen and never be the grand plans that I thought they would become…

Or maybe…just maybe…things will line up serendipitously and I will have something beautiful to cherish.

New Ideas.  New Creations.  New Life.

All because of the Courage, Faith and Fertility within me.