Ok, so I am not a professional ballet dancer like Seth is and I am pretty sure that children are not on my personal horizon, but I totally can empathize with his idea of happiness.  I’m boring and I’m happy being so.

My idea of a fantastic Friday night includes going for my evening run, coming home, showering and changing into old running pants, cami and sweatshirt, cooking an indulgent dinner (Friday =FRY-day) and enjoying every bite, sitting down with my knitting and movie and having my Canada Dry while sharing a bowl of popcorn with my M.  If I was “In Town”…well, not much would change.  I’d have dinner out, sushi preferably, and then head to a movie (yes, of course I would have my knitting with me) and then home.

Yes, I know it sounds boring.  However…

It makes me happy so I don’t have to justify further.  Just lately, I’ve been slightly confused at some peoples need for justification.

No, I don’t own my house.  I rent it and if you were me, I am darn sure you would rent too.  Buying a home in the area I live in is so far from an intelligent decision that you even asking means that you didn’t bother to think about where I live before you asked.  You also don’t know me well enough to realise that I am not really the own a house type of person.  Sure, I dream big but I also like moving every few years and unless I get one of these tiny houses, I dont think that its possible.  (But I AM really, really looking at building a tiny house for M and I.  Seriously.)

No, I’m not married and Yes, I do live with my partner.  No, I have no idea how that makes my Mum feel but I am sure she would have told me if A) she really thought it would make a difference in how I acted or B) if she was incredibly disappointed with me.  I do know that she thinks I’m a big girl who can make her own decisions and she has never had issue with telling me what she thinks.   I also know that she has made sure to pack things that M likes into the “hugs” that she sends via USPS Priority Flat-Rate boxes…something she never did for J so she must approve of him and I at least a little.

No, I’m not pregnant and No, I have no plans on being so…in fact, I am researching permanent birth control measures.  If you were looking to invest roughly $70k+ on something, a Masters degree for example, and had very steadfast beliefs that to be the best parent possible that you personally would need to be a SAHM, wouldn’t you want insurance that it would take some major interventions to derail your plans?  I would, so I’m looking.  Yes, M knows and is OK with it.  I know this because we talk about it at length.  I also know that we are both very happy with our furry family member.  No, its not a decision easily made and No, I am not rushing anything.

Yes, I AM very happy with my knitting and spinning and No, I don’t think it makes me “Old”.  In fact, I think it makes me pretty darn cool.  When was the last time you used something that you made from scratch?  I can take sheep fuzz and turn it into a garment that someone else can and DOES wear and that fact alone makes to tres cool.  And M thinks so too.  At least he will continue to say so if he wants more socks.  And he is even encouraging me to keep thinking about a new spinning wheel for a future purchase.  That alone is pretty awesome.

Yes, I AM happy being “just” a health aide and No, if you are not someone who has lived in rural Alaska and we haven’t talked about my job in depth, you have no true concept of what that means.  I don’t change bed pans and give baths, though I could do both.  Yes, I do take vitals, write prescriptions, give controlled substances, suture, insert catheters, perform blood draws, start and maintain IV’s  and treat the common cold and all types of chronic care patients.  Really.  “Just” a health aide?  Dude, if I were in a hospital there would be at least 3 people doing my job and I do it without their resources.

Yes, I do miss my family and Yes, they do know it.  However, they are all grateful that I live far away, as am I, because then I can tell them about my adventures, can send them gifts and they can send me “hugs” in return.  I have so much more to tell them and when we are able to get together, we really enjoy the time much more than if we were physically close.  The only real downside is that there really isn’t a chance for them to meet Sisu with me up here and they down there because that would be one heck of a drive or plane tickets for her would be a PITA.  However…you never know what the future might hold and my Mum might be able to meet her Grand-Dog yet!