I SO needed that vacation.  5 days in Anchorage…away from Nelson Lagoon…in “The City”…able to try things on before buying…grocery stores…more people to see at the movies than in the entire town of NLG…great food that I can’t make at home for lack of ingrediantes and training…a king-sized bed (which we decided is far, far too big for M and myself)…and just time with M…it was perfect and exactly what I needed.

I’m going to show off some of my prized purchases…some of these things I have been wanting and/or needed for a while…others were spur of the moment lust purchases 🙂

(Clockwise from top R) A new pair of pants from Hot Topic…they are not just the leopard print but those spots also have dark red glitter…lust at first sight, love at first zip.  Keem is directly below the trousers and THE food that I love nearly as much as popcorn. It is dried seaweed seasoned with sesame oil and salt and I love it with rice and soup and plain out of the package.  Its one of those foods that I first tried when I was living and working with the L family in Bellevue and I nearly always have it on hand.  Spring Roll skins.  Another food I first had in Bellevue and since M and I were able to stock up on fresh veggies, a perfect idea for dinner tonight.  (On bottom) Silver mesh splatter screen.  I LOVE popcorn but I hate not having the perfect lid for it…enter: Splatter screen!  It lets the steam out while keeping the oil in.  Granted, it’s not a permanent solution as the screen needs to be replaced ever so often but its SO much better than having to use the regular lid of the pot, what with its condensation and all.  Long chopsticks are a must for anyone who really likes to cook using chopsticks.  I find my short ones are too…short.  🙂  Teal hair clips…we’ll talk about this in a moment..  Combination pepper mill and salt mill…M and I have been lamenting for a while that we needed a pepper mill  and after pricing them out, we decided to go with function AND cuteness.  You only get one grind at a time (S OR P, not both) and to choose there is a little S on one side right above the seam showing or a P on the other and you just turn the handle to “select” the one you want.  Completely adjustable, I cant wait to use it!  Going to the middle:  New cloth napkins…very much needed and a very pretty green.  Samovar Tea…orange, cloves and enough cinnamon that the entire hotel room smelled of it despite the multiple layers of paper and plastic bags and the only way to keep it from infusing everything nearby with cinnamon is to seal it behind glass.  I love this spicy tea!  L side rear: Wii games!  M and I went to GameStop and shopped in the pre-owned section and found Lego Star Wars, another Star Wars game AND Zumba for me.  I’m very excited.


Going back to the teal hair clips…When we went into Hot Topic, there was a sales girl in there who had a large chunk of teal with pink tips in her hair and I was in LOVE.  She had black hair and that chunk really popped so I knew it would look good with my nearly black hair too, I just really, really like wearing teal and I’ve never done anything that extreme with my hair.  So I bought the clips in the hopes that it would give me a good idea of how it would look and how I would like them…yeah, they were a PITA to use but, wow, I liked the look and the very next morning I was sitting in the stylists chair…

and sitting…

and sitting…

and M was waiting in the lobby…

and waiting…


Seriously.  I think he is a saint for waiting that long because I was about to go crazy myself and I felt horrid for him.  The project was only supposed to take like 1-1.5 hours max but my hair which is normally resistant to other forms of chemical processing followed its MO and needed the bleach to sit for 4 of those hours.  Now before any of you hair people flip out that my hair is going to fall out because its so damaged after 4 hours of bleaching…its not.  It took that long, and multiple applications of the bleach, to get my hair to the yellow blond it needed to be which is no where near the damaged, unhealthy white.  Final result?  I finished one of M’s socks, did the cuff and 1″ of leg on the second, and now have 3 chunks of teal and some shiny bits that I really love too.  Sorry but the following are not-good bathroom photos:

See the shiny?










Here is the Left side







And the Right:

Notice the two sections?  One starts right by the clip, the other much lower down by my R ear.

And here you can see all at once 🙂 Can you see how the L side is brighter than the 2 on the R?  Thats because it is.  I over-dyed it with demi-permanent teal from HotTopic because while I love the colour and the permanence of the darker teal, it just wasnt the strong POP that I was going for.  I did that section only because that was the only one that I could reach by myself that night but my plan is to enlist the help of my nearly niece B or my buddy M and brighten those other two sections as well. While the bright teal will fade and need to be re-touched, the darker teal should last and that is just fine with me…cause I also bought a bottle of bright lime to try later on!

Overall?  I LOVE IT.  If my hair is down, you can’t see the teal at all.  If I pull it back into a ponytail, the one of the L shows but not the R ones.  If I do some-up, some-down, the lower R shows but not the upper or L.  If I french braid it, the top R should have its own section…but we’ll try that later!