I’m not a fan of  “coincidences“.

Too many things can just happen to happen at the same time in a way that is ‘meant to be’ and to me, thats just life.  Sometimes though, they can be a bit eerie.  Take…well, take right now for example:


I spent 2 afternoons planning a grocery order with Fred Meyer to be mailed to Pilot Station and then held off in the buying and shipping because I wanted to talk to M first about anything special he wanted it to include.

I wrote and posted “Eyes Wide” instead of finalising the order.

Less than 4 hours after I posted “Eyes Wide” about my internal and external preparation for moving I found out that we would not be moving.

That M realised that what he was doing was not the path that he needed to take.

That we needed to veer sharply.  Now.

While this was a surprise, I needed to take care of a few things ASAP.

The timing of the phone call was early enough in the afternoon that I was able to get a hold of my boss and retract my letter of resignation.

She was able to get a hold of HR and they were able to accept my retraction and welcome me ‘back’ to stay.

I had various friends around who could encourage and support in person as well as answer my email call for prayers.

I was able to cancel all my reservations for various hotels and flights without being penalised.

M was able to get on various flights and make it home by Sunday morning.

Mum reminded me that while some people are able to see their way through the mist of the future and determine that they are going Right There…most of us wander and feel it out a step at a time.

Which helped me remember that I LIKE to wander.

That I am Sisu Girl…complete with endurance, resilience, tenacity, determination, perseverance, bravery, empowerment, inner strength, an inner reserve of diligence, and the ability to face head-on and always overcome.

That I admire M for having the self-awareness to know that he wasn’t on the right pathway for him.

That I LOVE M for not only having the guts to get off the path but to think about me and the impact his decision would have on our life together too.

And that I am spinning Intentions: Courage and loving every red and black BFL fiber of it.


I think not.  Just one of my many reminders of who I am, the life that I love, lead and share and the power of my partner and myself.