lasting for a very short time; passing quickly; ephemeral

vanishing quickly; transient; transitory

Considering how Nelson Lagoon is rapidly become a puddle of slush…I would say that fleeting would be an apt description of my afternoon of revelry on snowshoes with my buddy M.  Her biggest fear was falling, which she didn’t do, and my biggest fear was that she wouldn’t like snowshoeing, which she loved.

It was a beautiful day and so very much fun but the warmth (36+) is too much and once again the roads are turning into great swathes of oceans hemming me in on both sides of my driveway, the dead beach grass is only vaguely hidden and my trouser cuffs are absolutely brilliant at wicking icy, watery slush at least 3″ up my leg.

Since I have no idea what Mother Natures INSANE sister Marge is going to send us next, I am going to savor my one afternoon until I can get another…and pray that we’ll have at least one more snowy adventure before March 18th.  Ever the optimist, I completely believe that we will, it will be in more snow than we had this last time ’round and we’ll laugh even harder than the first time.