I feel like I’m losing the colourwork in the shifting main colour of my Hedgehog mittens.

Palm and Back of Hand


Each of the peeries (little 1-2 stitch sections creating a pattern) above the hedgehogs and on the palm seem like they are disappearing in the colour changes on my main colour (Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in the exclusive to Loopy Ewe colourway “Wind in the Willows”)  The palm looks so busy but just a busy mess to my eyes.  I LOVE the hedgies.  I had to duplicate the stitch the faces on the first pair so I could see how they would look and my hear melted.  But the pattern above?  The pattern that matches the palm?  Yeah, busy mess to me.

So here is what I want to do:  Frog back to the cuff and then either work in…

Camilla on the palms and in between the hedgies…Or…

…and adaption of Vespergyle from Exercise Before Knitting on the palms and between the hedgies.


I am leaning towards the Camillas so I can stay with SpillyJane but I am really not sure.  I even thought about just doing 2×2 colours:  OOXXOOXXOOXXOO on the palm and something alternating like:




XXOOXXOOXX : for the space between hedgies.

Why?  Because I feel like I need to have a stronger, more bold lines because of my MC choice.