Some days, I really feel like a sheep.

No, its not because I am bedecked in handknits, though I am wearing handknit socks and my Better Sweater as I write this…

Oddly, its because I notice that I am “following” or doing something when others have also been doing it.  If you know me at all you would know that this is pretty far from my normal pattern of behaviour.

Looking back, however, I find that my independence of mind is not immune to a particular persons influence.  FPS, I don’t even know her in real life, I just read her blog and books along with the hoards of other knitters in the world.

Back in January ’09, I saw the amazing socks being worked on by the Yarn Harlot and as I was also watching BSG at the time, I thought I was more than justified to follow in her beautiful stocking feet and both buy the yarn AND knit the pattern.   In the end, this is what I have come up with:

I wish I had a good reason as to why the first sock got approximately to the heel and then I reclaimed the needles and even more I wish I remembered why I later decided to pull back said foot and rewind the ball…I think they were a bit big for me and my retinas needed a break.  Either way, there we sit.  I think that I’ll have to go back and give Leyburn, and the yarn, a second go.


Darn Yarn Harlot.  She has pushed me over the edge yet again, though in her defense, its not like I wasn’t teetering precariously all on my own.  She was more of a slight breeze just recently…


Back in December 09 , I discovered the Hedgehog mittens by SpillyJane and it was love at first sight. THEY HAVE HEDGEHOGS ON THEM!!! (Yes, not only was a nearly yelling but I was also squeeing) Not only do they have the hedgies but she also references Nanny Ogg who, after Death, is my most favourite Discworld character. I HAD to add these to my queue so I did.


And there they sat.
Until I began to think that I really, really wanted a new pair of mittens and I wanted them to be really cute mittens.


And I have a few skeins of green variegated yarns that would be perfect background for said mittens but I was missing the brown.


But I wanted to be “good” and knit from my existing stash so my dream of making the Hedgehog Mittens went on hold…but moved up in the queue.


But then the universe conspired against me, or more accurately, the Yarn Harlot did.
Back on January 7th she wrote about how she was finally giving into the brilliance that is SpillyJane and her beautiful mitten patterns because of the design that is right up her ally…Mitten with Pints. (She posted photos of them finished today).  This made me remember my desire to knit the very cute hedgies and I started to collect a shopping cart with KnitPicks, starting with a dark brown for the hedgies them selves. Of course, there were other additions and then I got rather overwhelemed with the idea of buying many other things when all I wanted-needed was 250yds of brown fingering weight and closed the window.

Meanwhile, on Ravelry, the Hedgehogs moved further up the queue…

Then she tipped me over the top.

On January 26th 2011 she wrote about this amazing cashmere/wool/nylon yarn that she was using and that sent me off in search of the amazingness that is Machine Washable and Dryable cashmere yarn. I read rave reviews of ArtYarns Cashmere Sock and realized that this was something that I had been looking for to make a much needed running cowl. Something soft, silky and oh so warm AND machine washable?

Must be mine.

I looked at all the different sites that I could find that said they had it and not a single one listed had the colour that I really wanted. In my frustration, I decided to give up the search and headed over to the Loopy Ewe to look at Sheri’s recent additions…and happened to notice that she at a little photo marked ArtYarns.

It was all downhill from there.

Not only did she have the Cashmere Sock but she also had the colour I wanted:

#107, a beautiful teal that ranges from pale to dark. 

Not only did she have that colour I wanted but she also had another colour I wanted

Coffee…the perfect dark brown to knit me some hedgehogs.

So, of course, I needed the pattern…

And while Sheri has many of SpillyJane’s patterns, she sadly didn’t have my beloved Hedgehogs…so I indulged in instant gratification and downloaded them on Ravelry 🙂  This way not only do I have them in hand RIGHTNOW!  I also have them forever on my computer!  Its a win-win for Team SisuGirl!!

Today, while reading blogs, I noticed that SpillyJane had some entries that I had missed so I played catch-up and found out that she is having a contest! She just published this amazing free pattern called Camilla and if you knit the pattern and send her a photo of your finished mittens by 2/28/11, she will give you a free pattern of your choice.

My jaw dropped.

My printer printed.

My mind raced over my stash.

My fingers searched the stash over lunch.

I found the yarn I will use to knit the Camillas.

While I am also knitting the Hedgehogs.

Because there are some very cute snails that are calling to me.

Or maybe I’m hearing hippos


Or is that the flamingos who wish to take me away from my current rather chilly existence?

Either way…nothing has motivated me more to get M’s socks off the needles and, besides, this is a great way to get rid of some of this sock stash that has been languishing!