In the beginning there was Real Food and SisuGirl saw the food and it was good.

So she decided to blog a bit about real food, cooking basics of beans and whole grains, subsistence foods and their gathering and prep and enjoying every.last.bite.

Here is the first of what I hope to be an ongoing feature in my adventures.

For someone who has always loved food, this blog has had a noticeable lack of food content…

and that shall be remedied…



Real Food Flowchart brought to you by Darya Pino, PhD, aka : SummerTomato

Her Healthy Eating Tips are amazing; I really, really love her entry about How to Start Working Out When You Don’t Like To Exercise and, quite frankly, I haven’t yet  disliked a single entry she has written.  When I read thru her site I find that she has written the way I think about food and exercise…which means that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel here 🙂  Many of her Recipes look amazing and I may even make her Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon for myself and M in my effort to find a way that he would enjoy the brussles sprouts.  Honestly, if he doesn’t like them, I don’t think I would be too put out to eat them all myself.

One of her best articles, IMHO, was How To Eat Healthy Without Being a Buzzkill.  For someone who lives a rather solitary life, like me, we don’t generally have to think about how we eat around other people because we just don’t get the chance to do it often.  For the other 90% of the population, you might be able to use these tips and not just be like me : grateful that you don’t have situations like these!  In this article she shares some common sense, witty and intelligent quips that will help keep the person trying to change their Healthstyle sane and allow them to participate in social situations.