What’s the single most important thing you accomplished in 2010 and how do you plan to top it in 2011?

At first I thought that this was going to be incredibly easy to write about.

What was the most important thing I accomplished in 2010?

Pshaw…it was losing 60lbs!  <–to–> 

Duh.  I mean, how many other people can say they had done that?  Oh wait…how do I top that?  I can’t lose any more weight.  Well, I can, but it wouldn’t be healthy for me to do so…so how about planning on keeping it off.  Since 95% of people who lose weight gain it back again, being one of those special 5% would be amazing.


OK, that was easy.


But I forgot about mentioning M.

Mike and Tasha 8-29-10

Entering into a long term relationship with him was huge for me and a major accomplishment of the last year.


What about going to visit family in MI for 2 weeks in the summer and meeting my nephew?  That was a big trip in the planning and the making and certainly something that I got to cross off my 101 list.


And what about…






Completely inadvertently, the SINGLE MOST important thing that I did in 2010 was “Let Go.”

I let go of the security blanket I was carrying around me that allowed me think that I was “happy” being overweight when it was more of a fleeting thought that if I could make my own self think that I was confident and content with what I looked like then others would see that confidence and not notice the poundage.

I let go of the idea that I was past an old relationship, admitted to myself that life was nowhere near where I thought it should be, realised that I was still mourning the loss of that idea, accepted that I was making a new path all my own and actually DID move on.

I let go of a relationship when I realised that it was more of a band-aid for the both of us and that neither of us were ever going to be what the other wanted.

I let go of control and learned to go with the flow, accepting things for what they were, not what I wanted them to be.

I let go of the “Perfect Plan” I had made for my life when I was in college (!!) and embraced the idea of a new future with new adventures around new corners.

I let go of my singleness and entered into couplehood in a way that was far less awkward that any other budding relationship that I have even been in proving to myself that it was right in a way the others had never been.

I let go of my fears of not being Enough and just Was and that made for a wonderful visit with my family, some of whom I hadn’t seen in 5 years.

I let go of a lifetime of shopping woes, lived in the moment and splurged on some wonderful clothes that look great on me.  We won’t talk about some of those *other* pieces of clothing that end up as lacy piles on the floor…those look good on AND off me.

I let go of the idea that I was stronger as a single person and embraced the power that comes from leaning on and drawing from someone else.

I let go of nearly all of the negative things that were holding me and started reaching for those things that I wanted to embrace on a regular basis.

Balance  Clarity  Connection  Courage  Faith  Fertility 


Healing  Hope  Inspiration  Joy  Love  Patience  Peace  Perseverance  Strength

I started to live my life Intentionally.  Back in August I actually let go from inadvertant living and started Intentional Living…focusing on the parts of me that made me, well, me.  What made me happy, sad, angry.  What gave me focus, energy,  or passion.  What excited, inspired or drained me.  How I could use those forces for the good in my life and not spend so much life on the feeling of “getting thru it” parts.  Because in the end, life IS the journey.

How will I top that in 2011?  For starters, the first 8 months of my 2011 is still focusing on Intentional Living.  I still have 12 area of focus to move thru in the next *GASP* 7.5 months (realistically 6.5 because moving and setting up house will take at least that long).  I’m going to continue working on letting go of those things that have a hold on me, most notably, my negative view of my body.  In the end, I want to look at 2011 as my Intentional 16 Months (8/29/10-12/31/11).

And you can bet I’ll be blogging about it here.