I am, at my core, a Tea person.  I love tea, from herbal to green to black to white.  I think its the English side of the family coming thru but, for me, the day just starts better when I begin with a cuppa in my hand.

I fully admit to drinking the “floor sweepings” that Lipton’s packages as tea on a regular basis.  Its what I grew up with and really, if I’m honest, what I love for its simplicity and known flavour.  There is something familiar in the taste and ritual it invoked.  Even as I reach into my cupboard today I still expect and want to be reaching into the glass hexagon jar/canister that was always the tea caddy in our house.  I know exactly what color the cup needs to be to be my perfect cup and I can bet I can get my Mums cuppa perfect too.  There is comfort too in the face on the old style box.  I’m not such a fan of the new style as they 86’ed the guy.

As I “grew up”, I used my own money to invest in tea at college and came home every summer with new boxes of just about everything, herbal or black.  I found a new love in herbal teas because I have always been effected by caffeine, especially if I drank it after  4pm but I still wanted that warm drink for both my fingers and my insides.  Last year I discovered a box of Wild Cherry Berry in the depths of my sisters cabinet…apparently my BIL is also a tea fan and has the same tendencies to buy and try and put away that I do.  After killing the box, I was crushed to not find any in the store to bring home to AK.  Even worse was that I couldn’t find it in my local grocers either but it was Mum to the rescue and she discovered: 

the renamed version of my Wild Cherry Berry (because if there are no actual “Wild” Cherries mixed with the Berries, you can’t call it that!) and bought it for me in bulk.  I just got another box in my Christmas box and I am most grateful.  I drink BCB at least once every evening and still look forward to is as a ritual and a treat.

A staple for my tea habit is Sleepytime for its soothing qualities 🙂  It is my go-to tea if I feel just a bit to jazzed up to sleep and it also seems to be M’s too as he will get up at night to get some.

My new favorite and something that makes me smile more than anything is .  My Mum and Sister gave it to me in my Christmas box and I am LOVING this tea on a daily basis.