I think when I knit.

Sometimes deep thoughts, sometime shallow but always inwardly focused.  Knitting and Spinning is the time when I can mentally shut out the world and just focus on me.

Lately my thoughts have been deep inner ramblings that have stilled my hands over the needles and my “normal” knitting WIPs have dwindled as I thought more and knit less, I haven’t been able to sit at my wheel for nearly a month because of work travel…and I see that as part of a problem.

For me, knitting and spinning is a stress relief and a way of escaping into my thoughts and soothing them with wool.  I figure out most of my woes with the balm of lanolin and pretty objects and not doing that has lead to a buildup of nearly toxic levels.  *I* feel toxic and I am sure that my someone is suffering for it as well.  The last thing I want is to have my toxicity rubbing off on someone who I love and the other someones who I see on a work-daily basis.  Not good all around.

So here is me trying to knit, spin and think more and reduce those toxic levels…I don’t think that my run this afternoon will hurt any either 🙂