While I’m in Anchorage, I have a LOT of shopping to do.  I say I but what I mean is M has a lot of shopping to do.  He is going to the VPSO academy on January 2nd and needs to get all the necessary gear from undershirts to boots and that means a lot of shopping.  Lucky for us, he had a brilliant idea: Shop with a suitcase.


We walked thru the malls and various shops with my empty suitcase in tow and whenever we bought something (or multiple somethings), we put it into the bag instead of carrying plastic bag.  Not only did we not have to use plastic bags, (a great way to be green!) we only had to pull one bag!  The best part of this idea was that we weren’t trying to juggle multiple bags the entire day.  It was the best idea I’ve ever heard and if I was trying to shop again during the Christmas season, I would totally bring another suitcase.  I give M all the credit for having such a fantastic idea!