I got to spend 3 weeks working with someone who I have come to respect, not only as my teacher but also as a person.  One of the coolest things that I got to do in the past 3 weeks of training was to help her end her Health Aide Trainer time as her second A student of her career.  Made me feel great to know that I could do that both for her and for me and it got me to thinking about the satisfaction that comes with the knowledge of a job well done.

Whenever I have finished something I have one of two feelings: Satisfaction and elation or Relief.

I prefer the satisfaction and elation over the relief because it means, for me, that something has gone very right and, no matter how hard, it was a good experience for me and is now over.  The relief generally means that something has just ended and I am grateful.    Sometimes there is slight variation and Satisfaction and Relief go together but its really the satisfaction that is the most important part.  Being happy with my performance means more to be than any grade possible.

But it was awesome to make my adviser happy too.