Oh, it has been long week and I am so grateful that its over. Apart from sitting in lectures and performing practicals, I have done little else. Mainly because by the time lectures, practicals and paperwork are done its 9:30pm and I am wiped out and have to get food and sleep before being back in the seat again at 8am but I guess that not really an excuse but more like a darn good reason for my relative silence. Thankfully all the hard work of the week has paid off in examinations and I scored perfectly on everything. Yay me!

I’m also frustrated with myself. I had all these big plans to blog about my trip to Nome and while I took some excellent photos of the journey, I cant share any of them because they are safely stuck in my camera while my USB is safely forgotten in its box back in Nelson Lagoon.

I’m angry and frustrated with the state of my travel affairs for my scheduled leaving of Nome. When I got the session paperwork it said not to plan on leaving before the afternoon. That was it. Not a single time suggested. So I, foolish me, made an ass of myself and ASSumed that session would end here like it does at the Sitka training centre, at Noon on the last day. Bad choice. I was just told this morning that I couldn’t leave until 3pm.

And then I just now found out that all the seats on the last flight out of Dodge (Nome) were full and the next available flight wouldnt be until Saturday morning. Now, I know its not a huge deal when compared to world hunger and the like, but to me and my emotionally charged self, this is a massive blow. I spent the first 5 minutes trying not to cry at the idea of my best laid plans all going out the window just because someone couldnt put a “Session ENDS” time on the original letter. Not a happy girl, especially since this means that I’ll have to wait another 24 hours before seeing M again after 3 weeks away already.

However…holding on to the good, M has had a great week meeting and learning in Bethel and despite not being able to get out to visit the village where he is going to work as a VPSO, its been a good week for him and he is on to Hooper Bay for a few weeks to job shadow before meeting me in Anchorage. Where I shall join him on Saturday 12/18. They have thrown a lot of info at him and, between the two of us, we are looking forward to a LOT of changes in the next few months.

I am looking forward to dinner out tonight and sleeping in on Saturday morning. TGIF and hopefully you all have had a better week emotionally than I have!