As I am passing through Anchorage on my way to Nome I am able to endulge in some luxuries. I had a wonderful dinner of sashimi and sushi and an A-MAZING glass of plum wine. I stopped at the Asian grocery store before getting a cab home and picked up some Furikake (rice seasoning), black currant sweets and packet miso soup, all to enjoy up in Nome and headed home to indulge in the BIG luxuries…cable TV and high-speed Internet.

And less than 20 minutes into my cable connection, I am ready to cut the cord already, all because of commercials. Jewelery commercials in particular. They all seem to say to men, “Get her this sparkly thing and make her Christmas”, and worse,  “If you don’t get her this shiny thing to prove your love, you don’t really love her” From kisses beginning with ‘K’, which is, in my opinion, one of the smartest slogans to the horrifying commercial with the kid oogling the chocolates who grows up to be the woman oogling the ‘chocolate’ diamonds (because we don’t have ENOUGH issues with food as it is, we need to now relate diamonds to food too?), its all about one-upping the gift giving between partners…


So here is the solution: Remember that there no such thing as the perfect gift, only perfect thoughts.

Let me explain:  I have a sister who knows that I have a mad passion for Frosty Nerds that only come out at Christmas and haven’t been able to find them anywhere in Alaska.  So she sends me a few boxes every year and totally makes my season and I am so very grateful to her.  As you can see from that link, they are $2.29/box.  At that price, you would never expect the joy that I get from such little things.  And I don’t get the joy from the candy…not really.  Its not to say that I don’t love every little apple, cherry or fruit punch tang on my tongue, cause I really, really do; no, I get the joy because its my sister thinking about me.

Really, no matter how trite it sounds, it IS the thought that counts the most.  So think about your gift recipients.  Think about the little things that they love but rarely get to indulge in and consider making a gift of that.  Focus on the little things that make their day and stop trying to out-do each other.