*Please see bottom of post for an important update*

I started my Mums Christmas gift this week, a shawl that she picked out, Andrea’s Shawl (Rav link and KnitPicks link) in some yarn that is a surprise (so no pics anywhere until after 12/25!) I got the pattern, checked my gauge and cast on for what looked to be something beautiful and fun.  Well, the beautiful part is right so far but I am far from having any fun.

10 months ago, errata was found on Row 1 (a K6 to end the pattern repeats instead of the intended K5).  I knew of this because of fantastic Ravelry and the errata notice.  On the bottom of the notice there was a line saying “The pattern has been corrected”.  I took that to mean that the pattern had been corrected on the KnitPicks download, the seller of this pattern via their Independent Designer Program (IDP).

It hadn’t.

Which I discovered just now.

To make matters even worse, a mistake on Row 10 was discovered 5 months ago and THAT hasn’t been changed in the pattern either.

I know that if one follows the chart instead of the written (“Witten”, according to the pattern) directions, this wouldn’t be a problem.  I, as a normal chart reader, wouldn’t have had a problem…except I chose this once to read the written directions and now have to tink back 223, yes, 223 stitches because there is not a chance on Gods snowy earth that I am going to frog and re-pickup all those stitches.

Now, errata happens.  There are mistakes in patterns all the time.  That’s not why I’m upset.  I’m upset because this time no one bothered to correct the mistake.  Now, if it was a book printing, I would understand why I got a ‘faulty’ copy and had to find the errata on the publishers website.  However, this is a PDF from a website.  There are 573 projects of this pattern, completed or WIP’s on Ravelry alone, who knows how many others are out there.  Its a simple correction on a PDF, an update of the website to make sure that version 2.0 was being sent out and Robert’s your mothers brother.  Not a big deal at all.

Epic Fail, KnitPicks, to not have corrected what you knew was wrong all those months ago and for not having a notice of errata up on your website.  Fail too, on the part of the designer not to make sure that there was an up-to-date version being sold from there.

In searching and ensuring that post tinking that I’ll be using the correct written Row 1, I’ve learned that the designer also sells this pattern via Ravelry and her ThroughTheLoops ravelry store.  Maybe its that version of the pattern that has been corrected, per the errata notice.

Will I be repurchasing to find out?

Um, No.

Will I always check my version of the pattern against all known errata, no matter how recently I’ve purchased a pattern in the future?

A resounding Yes.

UPDATE: Kirsten Kapur, the designer of Andrea’s Shawl, as well as many other patterns (she has 50 up on Ravelry!!), responded to my comment on the lack of an updated version with alacrity.  She not only clarified where I had gotten the pattern, contacted KnitPicks to make sure they now have the updated version AND sent me a free copy from her throughtheloops Ravelry shop.  If you are not a Ravelry member, you can find her patterns on her online shop where she has her patterns very well organised and easy to peruse.  I know that I will be buying more patterns from her in the future…especially that Woods Hollow Vest.  Its been in my queue for a while now but because of her amazing customer service, it has jumped to the top.