If there is anything that I’ve learned it is that one of the most important things to remember before Navajo plying is that you MUST let the single rest before trying to ply.  (Joy of Handspinning explaination here; but it was Rexenne’s AMAZING Video that really helped me learn…she is fantastic with those slow-mo segments!!)  If you don’t let the single rest for a few days, the twist is still really ‘active’ and will cause all sorts of difficulties…so in order to balance my sanity with my desire to have a finished yarn, it is sitting, resting and deactivating a bit before the plying process and I’ve started on the next roving, Clarity: (Top centre)

While getting ready to spin Clarity, I came into focus a bit more with Balance.

As a whole, I’m a pretty balanced person and have been very aware of what I need and making sure that I get it.  I do pretty even amounts of what I like/want to do and what just needs to be done.  As I’ve said before, generally there are multiple projects in the works just because I know that if ‘forced’ to only work on one thing at a time that I won’t.  I mean, I just won’t work on it and nothing will get done.  One of the best forms of balance in my life is my balance between projects.  Socks can have a time-out while I work on a sweater, if the last thing that I want to see is another grey stripe, I can switch to orange, spinning is my break between knitting projects and everything moves towards completion in an orderly fashion.  When a project stalls, thats OK because there is another to take its place.  When I just don’t want to ____, I don’t and I ____ instead.

This is how I do housework as well.

Which explains why dishes, vacuuming and laundry are the only things that get done on any sort of regular basis and why it takes the whole day for the latter two to see completion.

But I have some pairs of amazing socks, really cool sweaters and gorgeous handspun.

And I don’t mind a bit of dust in exchange so really, everything is as it should be.