Balance in my personal life is a bit of a new thing.

For 3 years, its been Sisu and I and thats it.

And now…now there is this other entity to be aware of.

He makes noise, plays music, eats food, uses bathroom time, takes up space on the couch, needs attention, wants to talk and takes up more than half of the bed.

And its weird.

Because I sometimes want it quiet, would rather listen to a podcast than music, make my ‘weird’ food, need to pee when he is in the shower, stretch out on the couch, knit/spin/read for hours, be in my own world and sprawl in bed.

But…you know what?

He knows and is learning when I need quiet, is more than willing to listen (or tune out) knitting podcasts, has eaten everything I have made and raved about the resulting experiments, pees when I am in the shower (but waits to flush), snuggles with me on the couch after lunch in what has become one of my favourite daily moments, thinks its pretty darn neat that I spin and knit and brags to his visiting friends about how cool it is, can sit just as comfortably in silence with me as anything else we do and is more than happy to have me encroach on ‘his’ side of the bed.

I am liking this new balance.

Especially the part where he raves to his friends about the coolness that is his girl who can make her own yarn.  That bit makes me smile really big and kiss him once the friend has gone.