What does it mean to be in balance?  For me, a believer in the Wellness Wheel, balance means to have equality in every aspect of my life.  I’m not a Libra (a Virgo, actually) but I am very in tune with keeping balance in all parts of my life.

Running is hard work, but it is also fun.  Cooking can be a chore some days but the eating part is fantastic.  Awake is balanced with sleep, secular with spiritual and finally, work with fun.  I like my work, but I also take the time every day to enjoy the fun parts of my life…especially my most recent cause to party…my Golden Birthday.

29 on the 29th!

For those of you who didn’t know, a Golden Birthday is when you turn the age of your day…like I turned 29 on the 29th.  I had no idea this was something to celebrate and, in fact, had never heard of anything like it but I’ll be sure to continue the tradition with my children in the future.  I had a great day, beginning with the fact that I flew home to Nelson Lagoon and my sweetie,

Mike and Tasha 8-29-10

a bit of dancing…

Mike and Sherm "Move it"

Father and Son "Stayn' Alive"

Mike and Sam run "Hot N Cold"

and ending with singing and cake.

Back to keeping balance…Of course, keeping everything in balance is not always possible.  But, the important part is that I try.  However temping it was to begin RIGHT AWAY with the Intentions, it was more important that I finished off the Into The Whirled June ’10 project.  So I did 🙂

The main colourway was called “Starcrossed” and was a beautiful blend of tan, teal and goldenrod.  I spun across the roving which kept the colour segments long.   Then spun both the goldenrod and teal semi-solids to ply with it. 

For whatever reason, I has in my minds-eye something totally different that what turned out.  I was thinking that the teal and gold would move with the main creating a slowly shifting long thread.  And really, it does…just not how I thought it would.

So once that first 3 ply was done, I decided that I would NOT do that again.  But I had the rest of the singles left…and Navajo plied they became.

Exactly what I wanted.

Now, I can hear the little voice in my head saying, “Why did you keep going when you weren’t happy with the yarn?” and I’ll tell you…

Because I wanted to really see how it would turn out.

Because I hoped that when the bobbin was full, it would look different.

Because I didn’t have the common sense to spin swatch.

Because I’m stubborn and that’s what I had planned to do so that’s what I did

If I’m honest, it’s mostly the latter but if you are a long time reader, this comes as no surprise.  But when it comes down to it, I really kinda like it because its NOT what I expected.  I’ll never make this spinning mistake again…at least, I hope not!    So the twist was Soaked and set, the yarn was thwacked, set to dry in the laundry room and with everything dried and twisted…I really love the entire finished project.

I then took a deep breath and dove into my Intentions Balance.

All the while, keeping my crafting in Balance while knitting 2 pairs of socks, planning mittens and working on a sweater.

Oh yeah, I’ve go this all under control.