Sadly, I don’t mean Ha’waii, (or any of the many other “Big Island” ) though I really wish it were so.

Nope, I’m in Sand Point on Popof Island, one of the many of the Aleutian Chain.  Whilst here I get to see, as patients, many of the things that Nelson Lagoon doesn’t afford me…namely children and pregnant women 🙂   See, in Nelson Lagoon, our two youngest children are 10 and no one is expecting.  That makes my getting hands-on experience with kids and prenatal patients a great difficulty unless I come to Sand Point, which, while it makes me sad to leave Sisu and M behind, makes me very happy indeed.

Aside from seeing a whole lot of patients (I’ve seen more in the past 3 days than I have in 2 months in Nelson Lagoon)…

I get to run on hills and (somewhat) paved roads AND not have to worry about wild animals as there are no scary quadrupeds on the island.

I get to stay with and visit my friend TR, who, aside from sharing a first initial, also shares the same birthday…which is interesting when I think about it because another friend, also named T(nee Y), shares the same birthday too…raise your hand if you have a birthday on 8/29 and are also a T.

I get to shop at a grocery store before going home. Granted, its not like a Fred Meyer (massive) and the manager did laugh at me when I said that I had “Options to choose from” and commented that I ” MUST not be from around here” to say such things. It was pretty sad to be feeling overwhelmed at such a small supply but there you have it…bush life is making me appreciate the little things which I always think is a good thing.

I get to ask T RTQ’s (Random Therapist Questions) and she asks me RMQ (Random Medical Questions), both of which makes us better providers because we can ask all the stupid/silly/odd/weird/controversial questions and have a very open and frank dialogue. I love her for that.

I get isolated from my stash and WIP’s.  This means that I have to focus on only what I have brought with me.  This time, its socks.  I am working on toe-up Jaywalkers (Original pattern HERE) for M (his first socks) and am using Felici Sport Self Striping Yarn in Sticks and Stones colourway from Knitpicks.  I’m just going to take a moment here to tell you how much I LOVE this yarn.  Holy Cats, it is so soft and squishy…amazingly soft, really.  For a Merino/Nylon 75/25 blend, I am in mad, mad love with the soft/squishy factor here and I want to make a whole lot more with this yarn.  Granted, I haven’t washed nor worn anything made from it yet so I could be bitterly disappointed with how it wears…but something tells me that this will not be the case.  While it IS splitty and rather loosely plied, I knit sport weight socks predominantly on 1’s (fingering weight on 0’s) so these are a pretty tightly knit pair of socks.   My distance enforced project monotony monogamy means that I have finished the first (nearly) and have started on the second last night.  I’ll be excited to see how far I get before Sunday, especially considering that I have an overnight in Cold Bay and there is little for me to do while there.  The one downside that I have discovered is that M’s feet are bigger than mine and while 2 balls of heavy fingering/sport yarn will make a pair of socks for me (1 ball each), it wont work for him.  The cuff is only 3″ and while I don’t mind shorter cuffs, short ones when not intended are annoying.  So I have to order more yarn from KnitPicks.  This means reviewing my always-evolving shopping cart and wish list.  Dash it all.

Well, 2 more days here and then out to Cold Bay on Saturday so I can get the early flight home on Sunday.  Fingers crossed that I can make it all the way home for my birthday!