For all who know me, even only online, me saying, “I’m a bit of a geek” comes as A) no surprise and/or B) an understatement.  My new-ish geeky thing is my continued love of all things Whedonesque trickling in via Firefly.  One of the phrases that I really like, a word really, is “Shiny” to describe anything that is good, happy and an all around replacement for ‘cool’.

Sisu thinks that her mum is shiny for giving her the peanut butter jar… But knows that it wouldn’t be shiny to get her nose stuck in there so she’ll hold it with her paws and stick as much of her lower jaw in as possible while still being able to lick…

Heaven is the leavings of a peanut butter jar.

I think I’m pretty shiny with the finishing of my first lace project with lace yarn:

But working with such fine yarn was NOT shiny for me, despite how shiny the finished project is

Forgive my very frizzy hair but I was very happy to be done!  There will be more shrugs in my future, just no more laceweight ones!