“Soul Windows” April ‘09 Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club
SW Corriedale and Nylon (90/10) Sport/DK Navajo plied, 300yds.

When I spun this yarn, I knew that I wanted it to be socks so I took great care when spinning. When I prepped the fibre to spin, I ‘stripped’ it (basically always splitting it down the middle vertically); then to spin, I started with the A end, spun to the end of that strip and joinedB end to the B end and spun it ‘backwards’…so basically, my single looked like: A==BB==AA==BB==A
and then I Navajo plied it 🙂 and somehow all the dark colours were on the inside and light colours were on the outside. I have no idea how this happened but I love it anyway!

I got through the first sock and weighed it…28g. And then came the panicked thought that I may not have enough yarn for the second without needing to spin the second bump…so I weighed the second half of the ball…27g. While not perfect, it was grand and I dove in with only a little bit of worry. No need! I had just enough after the grafted toe to weave in perfectly, just barely enough 🙂

I think its funny how they came out with one dark and the other light but thats just how it spun and plied up.  I’m wearing them now and they are perfect, not only in fit but also in feel.  I really hope they stand up to wearing but for that, I’ll have to let you know this evening and in later days 🙂